The Value of Skills in Writing Term Papers in the Professional Development of Students

In accordance with the educational system, students of higher educational institutions in the learning process perform a certain number of term papers. This is an important part of the educational process and contributes to the formation and development of students’ important skills.

Goals and objectives of the term paper

The purpose of the term paper is to enhance the development of individual problems of the course, which according to the student is relevant and insufficiently studied, or new methods and approaches in its study. The objectives of the term paper are usually interrelated. In general, there are four main objectives of term papers:

  1. The first task is the same for different types of term papers and can be formulated in the following words: “to study and analyze the scientific literature on a given topic.” Literature can be completely different, depending on what subject the student writes a term paper: psychological, economic, social, pedagogical.
  2. The second task of the term paper is to identify, study and review the basic definitions and formulations related to the topic of the term paper.
  3. The third task is to identify specific conditions, indicators and their impact on the research process. This task is practical and involves understanding the relationship of theory with the practical spheres of activity.
  4. The fourth task involves the definition of recommendations for improving and optimizing the specific process of life. This task involves the formation of the student’s own approach to the project.

The benefits of writing a term paper

Most students believe that writing a term paper is a meaningless activity and do not want to waste time on it, asking for help from the term paper writing service. However, they are wrong.

Independent implementation of the term paper helps the student in the formation of the following knowledge and skills:

  • systematization of knowledge. In the process of learning, students receive a huge amount of information on various subjects. The implementation of the term paper on a specific subject and a given topic help to organize and consolidate this knowledge;
  • formation of the ability to identify controversial theoretical issues in the study and express your opinion;
  • in-depth study of certain issues. During the term paper, the student thoroughly and comprehensively studies the selected problem, learns its theoretical content and the possibility of practical study and application;
  • improving writing skills;
  • acquisition of skills in the processing of factual material, its presentation in the form of tables, charts, graphs and their analysis;
  • ability to analyze and draw conclusions. A prerequisite for the implementation of the term paper is to analyze the phenomenon under study, the result of which the student comes to certain results and conclusions;
  • the theoretical and practical research carried out in the term paper can be very useful in the future professional activity of the student;
  • formation of skills of work with various information sources, as well as regulatory legal acts;
  • teaches students to assess the relevance of processes and phenomena, as for writing the term paper in the subject selected that is the actual problem;
  • stimulates the mental activity of the student. After studying a given phenomenon or process, the student must develop and propose their own approaches to its optimization and improvement;
  • the perfection of public speaking skills. In the process of preparation and directly during the protection of term paperwork, the student learns to feel confident in front of the public, quickly and without hesitation to answer questions;
  • writing a term paper will help to gain knowledge and experience that are very useful in writing a diploma work;
  • the acquisition of knowledge that will help the formation of an educated and confident personality.