Was Naranathu Branthan real?

Was Naranathu Branthan real?

He was considered to be a divine person, a Mukhta who pretended to be mad. His chief activity consisted of rolling a big stone up a hill and then letting it fall back down. There is a large statue of Naranath in Pattambi, Palakkad district of Kerala where he is believed to have lived.

Who is the mother of Naranathu Branthan?

mother Gowrikutty Amma
Poet V Madhusoodanan Nair seems to have had a cosmic bond with Narayanan, better known as Naranathu Bhranthan. His mother Gowrikutty Amma, like the pariah woman in the ‘parayi petta panthirukulam’ legend, had given birth twelve times.

Which river is Naranathu in Branthan?

On the banks of Thoothapuzha, also refered to as Kunthipuzha by locals, stands the Narayana Mangalathu Mana, the home that sheltered Naranath Bhranthan, the illustrious rebel of Malayalam folklore.

Who is Uppukottan?

Uppukottan (Muslim trader) Paananaar (folk musician) Perumthachan (Engineer, Architect) Vayillakkunnilappan, (Hill Lord without mouth) the 12th child was born without a mouth.

How many rivers are there in Palakkad?

As many as eight rivers originate from the Palakkad hills. Among the rivers include Bharathapuzha, the longest river in the state. The hilly district has 136257 hectares of reserve forest including Silent Valley .

Who is Vararuchi wife?

According to this folktale, Vararuchi, one of the nine wise men of Emperor Vikramaditya’s (57 BCE- 78 AD) court married Panchami, a girl belonging to Paraya, a lower caste. The couple set out a long pilgrimage. On the way, they were blessed with 12 children.

Who is Vararuchi in Malayalam?

Vararuci is the father figure in a legend in Kerala popularly referred to as the legend of the twelve clans born of a pariah woman (Parayi petta panthirukulam).

Which is the smallest river in Kerala?

Manjeswaram River
Manjeswaram River A flight to Mangalore, followed by a road trip to the Manjeswaram town will take you to the smallest river in Kerala. Running for only 16 km, the Manjeswaram River serves as a popular tourist spot. You can detect its source in the Balappooni hills.

Which river flows through Palakkad?

River Bharathapuzha is an interstate river and lifeline water source for a population residing in four administrative districts, namely Malappuram and Palakkad districts, and parts of Palakkad-Thrissur district border of Kerala and Coimbatore, and Tiruppur of Tamil Nadu.

Who are the 12 sons of Vararuchi?

The 12 were: Agnihotri, a Brahmin; Pakkanar, a Paraya, Rajakan, Uppukoottan, Vallon, Vayillakunnilappan, Vaduthala Nair, Karakkal Mathavu, Pananar, Naranathu Branthan, Akavoor Chathan and Perumthachan.

Who is the father of Vararuchi?

Vararuci of Kathasaritsagara. Kathasaritsagara (‘ocean of the streams of stories’) is a famous 11th century collection of Indian legends, fairy tales and folk tales as retold by a Saivite Brahmin named Somadeva. Nothing is known about the author other than that his father’s name was Ramadevabatta.

Which river is known as Kerala Ganga?

The Pamba River
The Pamba River has been venerated as Ganga of kerala, and devotees of Lord Ayyappan believe that immersing oneself in the Pamba is equivalent to bathing in the Holy Ganges River.