What are good websites to learn Spanish?

What are good websites to learn Spanish?

The 17 Best Websites, Apps, and Courses to Learn Spanish Online

  • Rosetta Stone (top pick)
  • Babbel.
  • Rocket Languages.
  • Pimsleur.
  • Brainscape.
  • Busuu.
  • Duolingo.
  • Fluent Forever.

How can I learn Spanish resources?

9 of the Best Resources for Learning Spanish Online

  1. Fluent Spanish Academy.
  2. Easy Spanish YouTube Channel.
  3. XKCD Comic En Español)
  4. StudySpanish.com.
  5. Language Transfer.
  6. El Blog para Aprender Español.
  7. PractiSpanish.

How can I learn Spanish resources for free?

The Best Free Resources For Learning Spanish

  1. TV & News. RTV – Watch and read the news from Spain’s state-owned broadcaster.
  2. Radio & Podcasts. LanguaTalk Spanish – Jesus & Rocio, two Spanish teachers, discuss all sorts of topics.
  3. Online Dictionaries.
  4. Flashcards.
  5. Other Tools.

How can I help Spanish students?

6 Fresh Spanish Teaching Strategies to Jumpstart Student…

  1. Don’t keep a record of listening activities.
  2. Ask them to write a short reflection in their books.
  3. Get the students to give themselves targets.
  4. Do listening activities through actions.
  5. Game idea: Grab my finger.
  6. Game idea: Guess the picture.

Is Duolingo good for Spanish?

A detailed breakdown of the Spanish language learning program from Duolingo. Duolingo is one of the most popular apps in the world for learning Spanish, and for good reason. With a totally free base version and a cool course design that gamifies learning Spanish, people rave about this product.

Is duolingo good for Spanish?

Is StudySpanish com good?

StudySpanish.com is a nice resource for Spanish learners with a lot of useful free materials such as their verb drills and grammar lessons. But, for the vast majority of people, neither their premium membership subscription or their Camino del Éxito course is worth paying for.

How do you engage students in Spanish class?

Keep Track of Questions Instead of only monitoring student comprehension through tests and quizzes, check in on them each day in class. For example, after thoroughly explaining a new vocabulary word or key phrase, ask students to raise their hands if they have questions. If no one raises their hand, that’s great.

How do you engage a struggling student?

Five principles for supporting struggling learners

  1. Know individual students. Effective teachers know their students.
  2. Plan according to the developmental levels of students.
  3. Model instruction and follow up with students.
  4. Assess students throughout the lesson.
  5. Provide consistent one-on-one or small group interventions.

Is Rosetta Stone or Duolingo better?

Yes. After thoroughly testing out and reviewing each language learning app, we found Rosetta Stone to be a superior program to Duolingo. While we like Duolingo’s gamification of learning, Rosetta Stone is simply more comprehensive and effective.