What are Nock points?

What are Nock points?

The nocking point marks where you clip your arrow to the bowstring, and keeps it there as you draw and shoot. Every bowstring needs at least one nocking point. If you go with that lone nocking point, your arrow nock sits snugly beneath it.

Where is the Nocking point?

The nocking point on a bow is a piece of plastic or metal that keeps the arrow in place on the string. The nocking point provides a consistent position as well as force when the arrow is released.

What is the Nocking point on an arrow?

A recurve bow’s nocking point keeps an arrow in place on the bow string, making sure it is propelled from a consistent position and with consistent force. Nocking points can be make of plastic or metal, but many archers simply tie knots of thread onto their strings to make their own.

What is a nock loop?

The nock of an arrow is made of plastic and serves as the attachment point to place an arrow on a bowstring. Snap-on nocks lightly snap onto or grasp the bowstring to prevent unintentional separation of the arrow from the bowstring.

Can you use ad loop on a recurve?

Registered. Yes you can, but when paper tuning, assume it’s a compound (ie, consider a compound type rest and set it to near centershot) as you won’t be inducing the same level of paradox as with fingers.

Does the Nocking point go above or below the arrow?

A nocked arrow should be positioned about a quarter inch above the arrow rest on the bow handle. On most bows, a small brass band called a “nocking point” is crimped onto the bowstring to mark the correct position.

How do you remove a nock point?

A pair of normal pliers on one side, and blunt (flat) head screwdriver in the groove of the nock set. Hold nock tightly in pliers and twist screwdriver till nock is loose enough to be removed. CHEERS!

How do you move a nock point up?

Moving Your Nock Point Adjusting your rest up or down creates the same effect as moving your string nocking point up or down. Raising the rest will lower you nocking point while lowering the rest will raise your nocking point.

Do you need Nock sets?

Nock sets are not necessary but makes it easier to replace the loop in a hurry if need be. Also keeps the dloop from working in and causing nock pinch.