What are reveals on a window?

What are reveals on a window?

Basically, a reveal is the timber surround of a window that the window frame itself is attached to. Imagine this: if you sit a small pot plant against the window in your loungeroom so it can get some extra sun, you’ll likely rest the plant on the flat timber edge that juts out slightly away from the glass.

Are window reveals treated?

The standard product for window reveals is Radiata Pine treated with H3. 1 LOSP and Pre-Primed. However, there is a range of different species that can be used to add further design elements to interior spaces with their grain differences and colours.

How is window reveal size determined?

The size of the reveal is the combined width of the timber stud, the internal lining and cavity (for brick veneer).

How do you reveal plasterboard Windows?

Start by measuring out the board widths, working away from the window opening. Then place an off-cut of plasterboard against the window reveal and measure a plasterboard width across. Allow an extra 10mm for the adhesive that’ll fix the window sections to the reveal.

How thick are window reveals?

Reveals are additional to the frame size (19mm thick each side)….Window and Door Reveals.

Reveal Application Breakdown
80mm 70mm steel or timber frame 70mm stud-gyprock interior weatherboard exterior

What are building reveals?

In architecture, the term ‘reveal’ refers very broadly to the inner surface of an opening or recess in a wall, typically in relation to a window or door.

What is reveal depth?

The inside reveal depth is the distance (in m or ft) from the innermost surface of the window to the interior wall surface as shown in the diagram above.

What is Square set reveal?

Reveal Angles provide a quick and economical finishing section for square set window openings without architraves. Steel Edge Reveals provides a strong and durable surface for window sills and the ideal for the clean lines and flush finish look around window and door openings.

What is an inline reveal?

Each AA Series product features an inline reveal, ensuring the outer face of the timber reveal & the aluminium frame present a flat surface for fixing. This simplifies both measuring & installation, while the optional infill provides a neat pocket for flashing.

What is a reveal line?

In carpentry, a reveal is a feature resembling a rabbet, but constructed of separate pieces of wood. A reveal may typically be seen at the edge of a door or window, where the face molding is set back, often by a distance from 3/16″ (5 mm) to 1/2″ (12 mm).

What is a reveal in a concrete wall?

A reveal or demarcation feature is a groove or a step in a panel face generally used to create a desired architectural effect. Another name for it is rustication or false joint.

What is a reveal in building terms?