What are some good fantasy city names?

What are some good fantasy city names?


  • Myconid.
  • Ogre.
  • Pixie.
  • Treant.
  • Troglodyte.
  • What is a good name for a fantasy world?

    Random World Name Ideas

    • Devuniake, Lake of the Devils.
    • Angbotain, Terrain of the Angels.
    • Warkinles, Vales of the Warriors.
    • Prisluake, Lake of the Princesses.
    • Spiunknds, Woodlands of the Spirits.
    • Dradevows, Barrows of the Dragons.
    • Froprirth, Earth of the Frogs.
    • Warlosnse, Expanse of the Warriors.

    What should I name my fictional city?

    Let your readers get a glimpse of what your fictional village is like with these aesthetically pleasing and creative town names.

    • Aurora Village.
    • Solitude Square.
    • Serendipity Hill.
    • Euphoria Town.
    • Operose Village.
    • Ephemeral Village.
    • Eudaemonia.
    • Nadir Village.

    What are some fun city names?

    Learn more about the most amusing city names around the world

    • #1 – 1770, Queensland, Australia. Our only funny village without letters!
    • #2 – Apocalypse Peaks, Antarctica. #3 – Bacon, Indiana, USA.
    • #4 – Bat Cave, North Carolina, USA. Is there a secret entrance?
    • #5 – Batman, Turkey.
    • #6 – Bear, Delaware, USA.

    How do I create a fantasy place name?

    How to Create Fantasy Names for People and Places

    1. Out with the new, and in with the old. I’ll start with my favourite source for naming characters and places: Old Words.
    2. Prefixes and suffixes.
    3. Word smash.
    4. Borrowing from other languages.
    5. Amalgamation and clipping.
    6. Conclusion.

    How do you name places in fantasy world?

    If you want a Proper Name, head to Proper Names for Fantasy Locations. If you want a more descriptive name, start by rolling for either a Proper Name or a Terrain term (e.g. “Hills”, “Downs,” “Crags”), and then add a further modifier (e.g. “Darkest Cardolan”, “Horrible Hills” ).

    How do you name your fantasy country?

    Look at names of real countries in the region where you are setting your fictional country, and try to match the pattern. For example, there are several real countries in south Asia with names ending in “-stan”, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan. So a name ending in “-stan” would sound plausible.

    What should I name my Animal Crossing town?

    What are some best Animal Crossing town names?

    • Euphoria.
    • Serenity.
    • Paradise.
    • Apocalypse.
    • Rainfall.
    • Tranquil.
    • Cove.
    • Coral.

    What’s the weirdest city name?

    The 35 Weirdest City Names In The U.S.

    • American Fork, Utah.
    • Dinosaur, Colorado.
    • Fries, Virginia.
    • Placentia, California.
    • Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.
    • Bluff, Alaska.
    • Soda Springs, Idaho.
    • Bangs, Texas.