What are the challenges in teaching mother tongue?

What are the challenges in teaching mother tongue?

Some problems encountered by the teachers in implementing mother tongue – based instruction include absence of books written in mother tongue, lack of vocabulary, and lack of teacher-training. Nevertheless, the study indicated that major attention and effort are still necessary to be given to the approach.

Is yelling at students effective?

Yelling doesn’t actually help students learn to make decisions that promote long term changes in their behavior. In fact, the more you do it the less effective it is. Once yelling becomes the norm, students learn to either tune out or shut down.

What are the causes of noise in the classroom?

In a classroom, background noise can come from many places, including the following:

  • Sounds from outside the building, such as cars and lawnmowers.
  • Sounds from inside the building, such as students talking in the hallway.
  • Sounds from inside the classroom, such as air conditioning units and students in the room.

How your mother tongue affects your English language learning?

Yet, the evidence of mother tongue influence on English is very obvious. The most common reason is transfer or interference from the mother tongue. Generally, errors made in pronunciation are due to difference in the sound system and spelling symbols between the mother tongue and English.

What are the causes of misbehavior?

What Are the Causes of Misbehavior in the Classroom?

  • Seeking Attention. Being the center of attention is a common desire for students, some more than others.
  • Desire for Power.
  • Looking for Revenge.
  • Lack of Self-Confidence.
  • Physiological Factors.
  • Classroom Environment.
  • Problems with Curriculum.

How can I get my students attention online?

How To Get Online Learners’ Attention

  1. Open With Interesting Facts/Fiction, Or Throw A Challenge. Present attention-grabbing facts, fiction, or any other information to engage learners at the onset.
  2. Let Them Play. Why do young kids grow up so quickly intellectually?
  3. Include Interactions.
  4. Use Humor.
  5. Incorporate Video.

How do I regain my students attention?

Here are 10 tips to help you wrangle your students’ focus back to the lesson or task at hand.

  1. Be clear.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Pump up the volume.
  4. Play a game.
  5. Strike a chord.
  6. Fly like a butterfly, sit quietly like a bee.
  7. Narrate your count down.
  8. Use clever attention-grabbers.