What are the conjugations of tener?

What are the conjugations of tener?


Yo tengo Nosotros/Nosotras
Tú (Vos) tienes (tenés) Vosotros/Vosotras
Él/Ella/Usted tiene Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes

What form is Pidieron?


inglés ellos/ellas/ustedes
Present I request, am requesting piden
Present Perfect I have requested han pedido
Imperfect I was requesting, used to request, requested pedían
Preterite I requested pidieron

What are the 6 forms of tener?

Present tense

yo tengo tenemos
tienes tenéis
él, ella, Ud. tiene tienen

What are the irregular conjugations of tener?

Tener is a Spanish irregular verb meaning to have. Tener appears on the 100 Most Used Spanish Verbs Poster as the 4th most used irregular verb….Tener Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo tengo
él/ella tiene
ns. tenemos
vs. tenéis

What form of tener is tienen?

In this lesson, you will learn all there is to know about conjugating tener….Presente – Present Tense Conjugation.

yo tengo I have
él/ella/usted tiene he/she has you (formal) have
nosotros/nosotras tenemos we have
vosotros/vosotras tenéis ustedes tienen you (plural) have
ellos/ellas tienen they have

How do you conjugate perder?

Perder is a Spanish irregular verb meaning to lose….Perder Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo pierdo
él/ella pierde
ns. perdemos
vs. perdéis

How do you conjugate almorzar?

Here is the conjugation of the verb almorzar (to have lunch) in the present and present progressive tenses….Lesson Summary.

Subject Pronoun Conjugation
yo almuerzo
él ella usted almuerza
nosotros (as) almorzamos

What is the conjugation of Preferir?

Present Indicative

Yo prefiero I prefer to study alone.
Usted/él/ella prefiere She prefers to travel by bus.
Nosotros preferimos We prefer Chinese food.
Vosotros preferís You prefer the previous instructor.
Ustedes/ellos/ellas prefieren They prefer not to go out at night.

What is SER used for?

SER is used primarily in situations to imply permanence, equivalence, characteristics, origin, nature, identity and possession (“My apple IS bigger than his”, “Quito IS in Ecuador”, “Ice IS cold”, “He IS French”, “This car IS mine”. SER is an irregular verb.

What does the verb poder mean in English?

to be able
As one of the most common verbs in Spanish, poder means “to be able”; in its conjugated forms it is frequently translated as “can” or “could.” But partly because the English “could” can refer to the past, present or future, and partly because the preterite and conditional tenses of poder are often interchangeable, the …

How do I use Tengo?

Tengo means I have. If we speak in grammatical terms, tengo is the conjugation of the verb tener (to have) in the present tense, in the first-person singular (that is, yo or I). Tengo una idea. (I have an idea.)