What are the herbs in Virtual Villagers 3?

What are the herbs in Virtual Villagers 3?

You will only see six of them, depending if you choose a Nature or Magic faction.

  • Rose.
  • Black Orchid.
  • Cactus.
  • Lotus.
  • Tiger Lily.
  • Pitcher plant (nature)
  • Berry (magic)

How do you get tech points faster in Virtual Villagers 3?

Access the tech tree through the « Tech » option on the menu to spend tech points. Advance the science skill to level 3 to gain tech points as fast as possible through normal gameplay.

How do you get diamonds on Virtual Villagers 3?

You have to drag your villagers over to the waterfall several times until the key is cool enough to pick up. You will know that the diamond is ready to be picked up once you drop a villager on the waterfall and they drink out of it instead of carrying water back to the pit.

How do you get rid of sharks in Virtual Villagers 3?

Make a villager drink the potion and they will take the vial to the sharks. When they reach the water, they will dump the potion and the sharks will be gone.

What potions can you make in Virtual Villagers 3?

Normal Potionsedit

First Ingredient Second Ingredient Result
Rose Cactus Light & Springy (Villager able to get pink diamond)
Rose Cactus Blannesamagawa loomajoobamooga!! (crazy!)
Rose Lotus Fertile
Rose Lotus Woozy – Villager spins and sits

How do you fix the lift in Virtual Villagers 3?

Drop your Adept Builders on the Lift, in the orchard. They will repair it and you will be able to collect fruits when it rains.

How do you get unlimited tech points on Virtual Villagers?

Open the game and assign one to three villagers to work at the research table. Close the game, advance the computer’s clock forward one hour, and time will move forward in the game. When the game is opened again, you’ll have many tech points accumulated.

How do you get free tech points on Virtual Villagers Origins?

Tech Points can be earned by having Scientists research at the Research Table. The more experienced your Scientist is, the more tech points they will earn. They can also be found in certain events around the Island, watching ads, and in Random Events.

How do you get the pink diamond in virtual villagers?

Make the potion and make a Villager drink it (not a nursing mom). Drop him/her on the Pink Diamond (that is located at the right of the lift). He/she will jump to take it. After, he/she takes the diamond and puts it in the door.

How do you get the pink gem in Virtual Villagers 3?


  1. By now, you probably noticed a bright pink gem that is on the top right side of the screen, on the cliff over the Orchard.
  2. Have a villager drink the potion.
  3. Drag the villager to just below the cliff with the key.
  4. The villager will jump up, grab the key and take it to the door.

How do you get the pearls in Virtual Villagers 3?

A Master Builder When the statue is finished, a pearl will appear. Use a Master Builder to take it. He/she will bring it to the waterfall to clean it. Then, put your Tribal Chief on the blue pearl.

How do you unlock fishing in Virtual Villagers 3?

This is done by dropping your chief on the food storage bin. Later on in the game you get fruit trees and fish. The fruit tree grows and you can harvest fruit from it later. To get the fish, you must complete the eleventh puzzle by making the right potion to banish the sharks.

Is there a cheat to get more food in Virtual Villagers 3?

We have a cheat that you can use to get more food. We have 10 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Questions & Answers page. All Cheats and Tips – Latest First.

Where can I find the ocean in Virtual Villagers 3?

You can also ask your question on our Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Questions & Answers page. All Cheats and Tips – Latest First. You can see the ocean on the top of the screen. Int the very top right-hand

How do I Find my Virtual Villagers in the Secret City?

Browse to “My Documents” -> “LDW” -> “Virtual Villagers – The Secret City” 6. Select “Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.ldw” and open it

How do I give my villagers full health?

If you can’t wait, you can use a potion to kill your chief. Full health: ———— Submitted by: roxy the potion cacus+cactus+cactus gives your villagers full health it is better than the other health drinks to do this you need to have solved puzzle 3.