What are the products available in Big Bazaar?

What are the products available in Big Bazaar?

Major categories of products sold on Big Bazaar are electronics, home and furniture, home improvement, clothing, footwear, jewelry, toys, health and beauty, pet supplies, sporting goods and fitness, grocery, home appliances, kitchen appliances, large appliances, mobile phones, and stationary, to name a few.

What shops are there in Mumbai airport?

Find listed here the following shops and stores in Terminal 2:

  • Croma. 4.3.
  • Krishna Pearls & Jewellers Mumbai International Departure. ★★★★★
  • Tanishq Jewellery. 4.8.
  • Nykaa Luxe. 4.1.
  • William Penn – Mumbai Airport. 4.4.
  • Ode Spa Mumbai. 3.7.
  • Biba – Chhatrapati shivaji International Airport. 4.6.
  • Spa & Art by Heaven on Earth Wellness.

Who is owner of Big Bazaar?

Future GroupBig Bazaar / Parent organizationFuture Group is an Indian conglomerate, founded by Kishore Biyani and based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is known for having a significant prominence in Indian retail and fashion sectors, with popular supermarket chains like Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar, lifestyle stores like Brand Factory, Central, etc. Wikipedia

Which is the biggest big bazaar in India?

Founded in 2001, Smart Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest hypermarket chains of India, housing about 300+ stores in over 120 cities and towns across the country….Big Bazaar.

Type Private
Founded 2001
Founder Kishore Biyani
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Number of locations 295 stores nationwide (August 25, 2019)

Is Big Bazaar sold?

However, war broke out soon between the two sides when Future, hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, decided to sell its retail businesses to Reliance Retail in October 2020 for R24,500 crore. Amazon approached the Singapore Arbitration Tribunal, and had the sale stayed.

What is the new name of Big Bazaar?

Big Bazaar New Name According to reports, the Mukesh Ambani-led company has decided to open a new store at the location of Big Bazaar. These stores will be called Smart Bazaar. Reliance Retail is the retail arm of Ambani-led Reliance Industries.

What is good to buy in Mumbai?

Find here 15 Best Things to Buy From Mumbai:

  • Gateway of India Photographs and Postcards.
  • Lampshades.
  • Kolhapuri Chappals.
  • Dress materials and fabrics.
  • Sula wine.
  • Leather Goods (wallets, purses with Indian motif designs)
  • Incense and Perfume Oils.
  • Musical Instruments. Music runs in Indian culture and lifestyle for ages.

Is liquor available in Mumbai domestic airport?

Mumbaikars, we have a good news for you. While you may not be able to buy a drink at all places in Mumbai at any given time, you can do that whenever you want at the airport. Yep, the liquor shops and bars inside Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport will be selling or serving alcohol inside 24×7.

Is Reliance taking over Big Bazaar?

After most of the Future Retail-owned Big Bazaar outlets were taken over by Reliance Retail after it failed to honour its payment obligations, customers are facing a dilemma about the validity of the vouchers they hold.

Which is the biggest mall in Maharashtra?

Largest malls

Name Location Size (Total Area)
R City Mall Mumbai 1,200,000 sq ft (110,000 m2)
Phoenix Marketcity (Pune) Pune 1,190,000 sq ft (111,000 m2)
Elante Mall Chandigarh 1,150,000 sq ft (107,000 m2)
Phoenix Marketcity (Mumbai) Mumbai 1,140,000 sq ft (106,000 m2)

Why are all Big Bazaar closed?

Why Big Bazaar is closed? Due to the financial crunch and lack of funding the owner of the company could not run the store anymore, thus stores are getting closed.

Is Big Bazaar Indian company?

Big Bazaar is an Indian retail chain of hypermarkets, discount departmental stores and grocery stores. The company provides the best offers on groceries, food items, kitchen appliances, personal care products and more.