What breeds make a Devon Rex?

What breeds make a Devon Rex?

This cat was names Kirlee and he became famous as the beginning of the breed known as the Devon Rex. At first, breeders believed that the curly coat of both the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex might be related and the two could be bred to each other.

How much does a purebred Devon Rex cost?

The Devon rex is a relatively uncommon breed. Potential owners can expect to spend $600–$1000 for a Devon rex kitten from a quality breeder.

What is a Devon Rex variant?

The Devon Rex gene is inherited recessively, so all kittens resulting from an outcross mating will be normal coated, usually shorthair, variants but will carry the gene for Devon Rex and when bred to either a Devon Rex or another Devon Rex variant will produce a percentage of Devon Rex kittens.

What is a tortie Devon Rex?

Tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell or “Torties” for short – Torties aren’t true tri-colored cats, as they are mainly black and orange (also called red) swirled in a “brindle” pattern. But they are similar to calicos in that they are nearly always female.

How much does a Cornish Rex kitten cost?

Cornish Rexes are rather popular, so breeders can sell them for prices between $800–$1,300. The price will depend on the kitten’s pedigree as well as how popular the cat breed is in the region where the breeder lives.

Is a Devon Rex hypoallergenic?

Yes, Devon Rex are considered to be hypoallergenic. This hypoallergenic weirdo is known for its curly hair, triangle face shape, and large ears. Devon Rex are considered hypoallergenic because their hair absorbs the oils containing the Fel d 1 protein and they do not shed very much.

Are Devon Rex hairless?

Appearance. The Devon Rex is a medium-sized cat with tall pointy ears and large eyes. It also has a long neck and an odd-shaped head. The Devon Rex is not entirely hairless, it has short, down-like hair that can be straight or curly, and it can be any of a wide variety of colors.

How intelligent are Devon Rex cats?

Rex cats are known for being talkative and very, very smart. “Rex cats are super intelligent,” says Yody Blass, MA, a certified animal behaviorist at Companion Animal Behavior, which offers behavior solutions for dogs and cats in the Washington, DC, area. “They’re also definitely more on the active side.