What can I use instead of nail art tools?

What can I use instead of nail art tools?

You can try just one or experiment with all of them to create dots of all different sizes.

  • Bobby Pin. One of our favorite bobby pin hacks is to use them to create nail art.
  • Toothpick.
  • Old Stylus.
  • Dried-Out Pen.
  • Gel Roller Pen.
  • Pencil.
  • Paperclip.

How do do nail art at home for beginners?

Follow these steps to get beautiful and simple nail art Step 1: Start by painting your nails white with the Nykaa Matte Nail Lacquer – Almond Crumble 10. Step 2: Next up, cut out very thin stripes of a black metallic tape and stick them on your nails to create a pattern. Clip the extra bit and you’re done.

What do you need to do nail art at home?

Start with simple designs

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply two coats of your chosen colour all over the nail.
  3. Leave them to set.
  4. Use your dotting pen or bobby pin at a ninety-degree angle and spot dots across your entire nail or for something more simple, simply create one dot above your half-moon.
  5. Set your nails with a top coat.

Can you use a toothpick as a dotting tool?

Toothpick Another great dotting tool alternative is toothpicks. For fine and minuscule dots, use the pointed tip of the toothpick. But if you want to create larger, more prominent dots, the other end works really well. Alternatively, you could even use both ends to create dots of various sizes.

What can I use instead of nail art brushes?

A Detailing Brush Similar to the small dotting tool, you don’t have to do anything to make this nail art pen at home – just find an old, thin eyeliner brush! Voila!

What are the 5 basic nail designs?

Most clients lean toward one of five basic nail shapes: square, round, oval, squoval, or pointed.

Can you do your own nail art?

Painting your own nails at home may seem next to impossible, but luckily, there are some nail designs out there that pretty much anyone can nail (see what we did there?) sans years of experience and training.

How do you do toothpick nails at home?

With the nail polish brush, I decanted a pool of polish onto a flat piece of card, carefully dipped in the toothpick and gently placed the end onto each nail to achieve a polkadot. Some dots needed a second attempt and appeared a little bigger or more rough around the edges than others, but I liked that look.

How do you make your nails spotty?

Look 2: Jigsaw dots

  1. Step 1 – All about that base. Start with the perfect blank canvas by filing and buffing your nails.
  2. Step 2 – Create a contrast. Using black nail polish draw a diagonal line across the corner of the nail.
  3. Step 3 – Add dots.
  4. Step 4 – Add white dots.
  5. Step 5 – Finishing touch.
  6. Step 6 – Repeat to complete.

Can you do nail art without tools?

What is to follow is a collection of easy Nail Art Designs that you can do at Home without Tools (even if you are a complete beginner!) If you are like me, then you love having fun and easy DIY Nail Art.

What is the best nail art design for beginners?

Emojis can be a really fun Nail Art Design, and they are actually pretty easy to do, even for a beginner. Start by painting your nails with White Nail Polish for the foundation first. Let them dry. What you will need to do is to take a Ziploc Bag (Sandwich Bag) and paint a large area of it with yellow nail polish.

Can you use a toothpick to do nail art?

If you want more precision you can use a toothpick but you could just stick to the nail polish brush. Once you’re finished, put on a topcoat so that your nail art lasts longer and looks super shiny. And that is it. This is one of the more sophisticated designs, but it looks really impressive.

How to paint your nails the right way?

Start of by painting your nail with your darkest color first. Wait for that to completely dry and then take your second darkest color and paint down the middle of your nail. Leave a little bit of that darkest color showing at the edges and then wait for the second coat to dry as well.