What causes rash on black skin?

What causes rash on black skin?

Rashes on skin of color This is due to melanin, a molecule that gives the skin and hair their color. Generally, the more melanin a person has in their skin, the darker their skin tone. It affects how the skin reacts to sunlight, damage, and health conditions that cause rashes.

What does a rash with dots mean?

There are several possible causes for red dots on the skin, including heat rash, KP, contact dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis. Red dots on the skin may also occur due to more serious conditions, such as a viral or bacterial infection.

What does dermatitis look like on African American skin?

Black Americans more commonly develop small bumps on the torso, arms and legs (called papular eczema). Sometimes, bumps develop around hair follicles and resemble goosebumps (this is known as follicular accentuation). Black Americans also tend to have more extensive skin dryness and dark circles around their eyes.

What does hives look like on black skin?

Hives on black skin: Diagnosis and when to see a doctor. Hives look like raised bumps or welts. They may be the same color as the surrounding skin or have a reddish hue, though this may not appear on black skin. An allergic skin reaction causes hives, known medically as urticaria.

What does a diabetes rash look like?

In people with diabetes, disseminated granuloma annulare forms rings or arcs on the fingers, hands, feet and ears. The rash may be red, reddish-brown or skin tone. It doesn’t cause pain, but it may itch. Many times this will heal without therapy.

What do shingles bumps look like?

What Does the Shingles Rash Look Like? The shingles rash can be a distinctive cluster of fluid-filled blisters — often in a band around one side of the waist. This explains the term “shingles,” which comes from the Latin word for belt. The next most common location is on one side of the forehead or around one eye.

What does psoriasis look like on black skin?

On black skin, psoriasis appears more as purple patches with gray scales. The patches can also appear as a dark brown color. Psoriasis patches on black skin may also be more widespread, which can make it difficult to distinguish between other conditions.

How do you get rid of hives on black skin?

There are several types of medications to treat hives. These are: Antihistamines: Antihistamines block production of histamine, a compound associated with allergic reactions, and can ease itching and swelling. They’re available over-the-counter (OTC) or by prescription.