What city is Townsville based off of?

What city is Townsville based off of?

Little Tokyo, Townsville is based on Little Tokyo, Los Angeles; Japantown, San Francisco; Chinatown, Los Angeles; Tokyo, Japan; Chinatown, San Francisco; Japantown, Vancouver; Chinatown, Vancouver; Little Tokyo, Toronto; Chinatown, Toronto; Little Tokyo, Perth and pretty much every Chinatown and Little Tokyo.

What girls live in the city of Townsville?

The Utonium Residence (107 Pokey Oaks South, Townsville, USA) is the home of both Professor Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls live. It is often referred to as, just, “The House” throughout the series. Inside are many rooms each with unique purposes. It is located in the Pokey Oaks neighborhood of the city of Townsville.

Who is him in Powerpuff?

His Infernal Majesty, also referred to as simply HIM, is a sinister, demonic villain who loves nothing more than chaos and destruction. He is #3 in The Powerpuff Girls Top 10 list of archenemies. His first appearance was in season one of the 1998 version of the Powerpuff Girls series in the episode Octi Evil.

What is HIM’s real name PPG?


My Rating
Full Name H.is I.nfernal M.ajesty
Alias HIM (sometimes spelled as “Him”) The Man Without a Name The Evillest of Evils The Cruelest of Cruel King of Darkness
Origin The Powerpuff Girls
Occupation Supervillain Would-be conqueror

What is HIM’s gender?

Thor: Love and Thunder – The Loop

Biographical information
Affiliation The Beat-Alls (formerly) The Rowdyruff Boys
Physical description
Gender Male

How old is bliss Powerpuffs?

about 14
The birth of Bliss was years before the creation of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. She is about 8 years older than the girls, making her about 14.

How old is Mojojojo?


Mojo Jojo
Age 45-75
Likes His family, world domination, bananas, inventing, etc.
Love Interest Unknown
Dislikes The Powerpuff Girls, HIM, failing, losing, the professor

Who is the oldest Powerpuff Girl?

They each had a designated Powerpuff Girl. The oldest was Blossom, the four-year-old was Buttercup, and the youngest was always Bubbles.

When did Townsville become a town?

On February 15, 1866, Townsville was declared a municipality by Queensland Governor Sir George Ferguson Bowen, with a proclamation published in the Queensland Government Gazette on March 10, 1866. Hand coloured woodcut of Townsville, North Queensland. ca. 1870.

What are the best suburbs to live in Townsville?

List of Townsville suburbs. Alligator Creek. Barringha. Beach Holm (beach) Bluehills. Brookhill. Calcium. Cape Cleveland. Clemant. Crimea. Crystal Creek.

What are the most famous buildings in Townsville?

One of the most famous buildings is the Townsville Post Office, built in 1886 with a clock tower which was dismantled in 1942 and reconstructed in 1963/64. Another sightworthy building is the Australian Joint Stock Bank which was built 1887–88.

Who are the indigenous people of Townsville?

Such indigenous groups as the Wulgurukaba, Bindal, Girrugubba, Warakamai and Nawagi, among others, originally inhabited the Townsville area. The Wulgurukaba claim to be the traditional owner of the Townsville city area; the Bindal had a claim struck out by the Federal Court of Australia in 2005.