What city pays the most for nurses?

What city pays the most for nurses?

San Francisco

How much does a BSN make starting out?

What is the average salary for a registered nurse with a BSN?

State Per year Per hour
Alaska $90,500 $43.51
Arizona $78,330 $37.66
Arkansas $61,330 $29.49
California $113,240 $54.44

Is BSN better than RN?

The salary difference between RN vs BSN degrees is that those who hold a BSN degree are likely to make more than RN’s who only have their associates degree. A BSN degree is favored over just an associates degree for many entry-level nursing jobs, therefore a BSN has more opportunities to make more money.

Why is it important to get a BSN in nursing?

The American Association of the Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has collected extensive research that indicates that higher nursing education makes a major difference in clinical outcomes. Nurses with a BSN have better patient outcomes, including lower mortality rates and lower failure to rescue rates as well.

What can I do after BSN?

7 Things You Can Do with a BSN Degree – Besides Nursing

  • Become a nurse educator.
  • Pursue a leadership role.
  • Explore careers in Information Technology (IT)
  • Consider work-from-home nursing jobs.
  • Work for an insurance company.
  • Consider a career in pharmaceuticals.
  • Explore your other patient care options.

Why are you interested in pursuing the BSN degree?

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing says: BSN nurses are prized for their skills in critical thinking, leadership, case management, and health promotion, and for their ability to practice across a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings.

What country has the highest paid nurses?


Is it hard to get a BSN in nursing?

Whether you are an already working nurse or just starting out in the field, the thought of a bachelor’s degree can be daunting. And with hard work, passion, and motivation, you can get your BSN degree in no time at all. It doesn’t need to take a dreaded four years to complete.

Is it worth getting a BSN?

A BSN may open more doors and opportunities to the nurse, as it shows the ability to handle increasingly complex nursing responsibilities. Additionally, BSN-prepared nurses typically earn more. Hospitals offer pay differentials and greater opportunities for advancement to registered nurses with BSN degrees.

What does a BSN teach you?

All nursing programs will teach you the basics on providing clinical care, but nurses with a BSN are exposed to curriculum that covers communication, critical thinking, and leadership—all essential skills if you want to move up in your career as a nurse. These skills also translate to better patient care.