What color is candy paint?

What color is candy paint?

Candy paint is a mid-coat type of paint that is always applied over a base color. Simply put, candy paint is basically a clear coat that is tinted with a color (and sometimes contains a metallic or pearl) to give it translucent properties. This is why you need to put a base coat down first before a candy paint.

What is candy paint called?

Candy paints or kandy paints as some call them are types of paints applied on automobiles that are typically high gloss and brightly colored in nature.

Who owns House of Kolor paints?

In 1997, Jon sold House of Kolor to Valspar, a 200-year-old coating company also based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What color is candy teal?

Description: Teal Candy Graphic Color is a transparent bluish green color with a brilliant blue green pearl sparkle effect. Opacity: Semi-Transparent – Layers beneath while have a noticeable impact on color even after 3 coats.

How do you color candy paint?

Spray Painting Tips for Candy Colors

  1. Prepare the Vehicle Properly. Preparation of the vehicle for applying candy coat paint isn’t different from applying regular paint.
  2. Spraying the Base Coat. Spray the base coat onto the vehicle.
  3. Applying the Candy Coat.
  4. Applying the Clear Top Coat.
  5. Final Sanding and Buffing.

Why is it called candy paint?

Songfacts®: Candy paint refers to a metallic automotive finish, which is a translucent color coat that shines in the sunlight, giving it a candy-like appearance. It was first created by American car customizer Joe Bailon (1923 –2017).

What is Ghost Pearl?

Ghost pearls or interference pearls are transparent, coloured flakes that interfere and react with the base coat they have been mix with, or applied over. These are flakes that moves and highlight the colour of the base as it moves in the sun.

What is a pearl paint?

Pearlescent Auto Paint Much like a metallic auto paint finish, pearlescent paint is generally standard auto paint, but instead of adding metal powder, microscopic ceramic particles are added instead.

Does Valspar own House of Kolor?

House of Kolor was acquired by Valspar Automotive Coating Division in 1997. At House of Kolor, it has earned a prestigious reputation in the custom coating industry for the fine ingredients that are used in the production of the paint we are known for.

Who is Jon kosmoski?

JON KOSMOSKI founder of House of Kolor.

Can you match candy paint?

Be sure to use only the paint manufacturer’s recommended base coat to paint the candy color. Once you adjust this, you don’t have to tint your base coat – that way you can match the color later. Ensure your vehicle has a good protective coating and avoid stripes by applying a candy base to it two coats prior to paint.

What colors make candy apple red?

What Is The Color Code For Candy Apple Red? candy apple red – has a color code of #ff0800 and has a bright red hue. Physicist #ff0800 has a red component of 100%, black component of 3% and white component of 2%. Green 14%, while blue only 0%.

How do color candy paint colors work?

Candy colors work in conjunction with reflective basecoats, usually metallic, and clearcoat to create a finish system that exhibits a deep, colored sparkle that is not attainable with typical automotive paints. As such, these colors are said to be a “three stage” or “tricoat” system. The system works as long as the candy layer is transparent.

How many colors are there in a candy finish?

When you consider the fact that the base color can be varied to provide varying candy final colors, there are literally thousands of colors possible with candy finishes.

Does candy color change with more candy on top of it?

In mot cases the results in the final color being darker the more candy that is applied over it. However, in some cases such as applying a light gold candy over a dark green base, the color will lighten as more coats are applied. This is the rare exception.

What is the difference between candy basecoats and candy paints?

The Candy Basecoats are shown over black and white whereas the urethane candy colors are shown over stellar silver. Scroll down to learn more about candy paints.