What courses do hackers take?

What courses do hackers take?

  • StationX – The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Bundle.
  • Udemy – Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch.
  • Cybrary – The Art of Exploitation.
  • EH Academy – The Complete Cyber Security & Hacking Course.
  • Offensive Security – Metasploit Unleashed.
  • Coursera – Cryptography.
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security.

Who is the number 1 hacker in the world?

Kevin Mitnick

What do good hackers do?

‘Good’ hackers identify vulnerabilities on behalf of the customer and gives practical recommendations as to how they can be fixed, whereas malicious hackers use this information solely for their own benefit. At TÜViT, IT security professionals work on behalf of companies and public authorities.

How much do hackers get paid?

The certified ethical hacker salary averages ​$104,813​ a year. That’s higher than an ethical hacker without certification; their salary averages ​$69,123​ according to Glassdoor.

Do hackers get hired?

According to Eric Geier, writing for PCWorld, government and business organizations are now hiring ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers, to prevent data theft. CBS News reported on the hacker hiring phenomenon, bringing out the example of a firm called Bugcrowd, which helps companies connect with hackers.

How much do FBI hackers make?

No one will get rich being an FBI special agent with a cybersecurity specialty. The job posting for special agent/cyber lists a pay range of $59,340 to $76,568.

What country has best hackers?


What degrees do hackers have?

Qualifications. An ethical hacker should have a bachelor’s degree in information technology or an advanced diploma in network security. He/she needs extensive experience in the area of network security and a working knowledge of various operating systems.

What jobs do hackers have?

Common job titles within the field of ethical hacking include:

  • Penetration Tester.
  • Vulnerability Assessor.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Security Analyst.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Ethical Hacker.
  • Security Consultant.
  • Security Engineer/Architect.

How much do hackers charge?

What do hackers charge? Hackers charge differently based on level of difficulty, ethics, risk, and time necessary to complete. For instance Hire A Hacker Pro and Dark Net Hacker have fees starting at around $200 per hour.

How much jail time do hackers get?

Criminal Penalties Under the CFAA

Offense Penalties (Prison Sentence)
Accessing a Computer to Defraud and Obtain Value 5 years; 10 years maximum for a second conviction.
Accessing a Computer and Obtaining Information 1-5 years; 10 years maximum for a second conviction.1-10 years; 20 years maximum for a second conviction.

What are the requirements to be a hacker?

So, let’s explore the skills required to become an ethical hacker.

  • Computer Networking Skills. One of the most important skills to become an ethical hacker is networking skills.
  • Computer Skills.
  • Linux Skills.
  • Programming Skills.
  • Basic Hardware Knoweldge.
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • Cryptography Skills.
  • Database Skills.

Do hackers get rich?

Money Money Money There are yet more ways for hackers to make money. We haven’t even mentioned those paid to commit dubious acts on behalf of nations. Of course, the easiest way for a hacker to make money would be to become a penetration tester. Penetration testing is basically ethical, licensed hacking.