What did the girl tell her about the cutlery?

What did the girl tell her about the cutlery?

Her mother told her that the spoons, forks, etc. they used were made out of silver. This is when she came to know that the cutlery they had been using all along was made out of silver.

What did the narrator decide at last?

Answer. => The narrator decides to forget the address because she had realised that the possessions now held no value for her . The Address – Marconi Street , Number 46 was the living place of Mrs. Dorling who had the valuable possessions of her mother .

How does Leacock feel before going to the bank?

Answer. Stephen Leacock grew up on a farm, so it is understandable that he might have been awkward and self-conscious when he got his first job in a city and decided to open a bank account because his modest salary seemed too big for him to keep in cash. He confesses at the beginning that he has a phobia about banks.

Why did the narrator call it a mistake?

The narrators calls it a mistake, because he didn’t want his fellow train companion to know that he’s blind.

How does the narrator describe Galesburg Illinois?

How does the narrator describe Galesburg, Illinois? The narrator states that Galesburg, Illinois, is a wonderful town with big old frame houses, huge lawns and big trees. Summer evenings were twice as long. People sat out on their lawns, the men smoking cigar and talking quietly, the women waving palm-leaf fans.

Why does Leacock decide to open an account in the bank?

When he passed through the doors of a bank, he became an irresponsible fool. When his salary was raised to fifty (50) dollars a month, he thought that the bank was a right place for it. So he decided to open an account and save some money.

Who is the main character in the My Financial Career?

Answer: “My Financial Career” is a short story by Stephen Leacock. The story is written in the first person and tells the reader about a person going to the bank in order to open a bank account. The narrator describes the accountant as a ‘tall, cool devil,’ and that the very sight of him unsettles the narrator.

Who is the author of my financial career?

Stephen Leacock

When was my financial career written?


What is the irony in the story the eyes have it?

The irony presented in Ruskin Bond’s short story “The Eyes Have It” is specifically Dramatic Irony. Ruskin Bond’s “The Eyes Have It” is full of irony. The blind narrator thought the girl to be sighted but she was blind too. The discovery of her blindness comes as an ironic twist at the end of the story.

Why were the eyes of the girl of no use?

Answer. Although her eyes were beautiful, she was blind, which is why her eyes were of no use to her.

What role does the First Day Cover play in the story?

Generally, the first day cover has only a blank paper in the envelope but there the paper was written and signed by Sam. It was only addressed to Charley. Sam had written that he had found the Third Level. It means that Charley was correct about the Third Level.

Why was the world shut out again?

Answer: It is the story of a blind man who thought he was very smart at behaving like a sighted (able to see) man. Once he was on a train with a female passenger, just the two of them alone. The man struck (started) a conversation with the girl without giving away with (making known) his blindness.