What does Bandos Godsword do?

What does Bandos Godsword do?

The Bandos godsword’s special attack, Warstrike, has doubled accuracy, inflicts 21% more damage and drains the opponent’s combat levels equivalent to the damage hit in the following order: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged. Warstrike consumes 50% of the wielder’s special attack energy.

How do you get the Bandos God sword?

The Bandos godsword is one of the four variants of the Godsword; the hilt is received from General Graardor whilst the blade’s shards are attainable from any other boss or boss minion in the God Wars Dungeon. As with all godsword variants, it requires level 75 Attack to wield.

Is Bandos Godsword worth it rs3?

If you’re spending your bank on an item, it’s generally not worth buying. In this case even more so, because it’s only really useful at corp or for powertraining on Dag Sents right now, and I don’t see it having much more of a use in EoC (given how powerful shields are).

Do Guardian boots count as a Bandos item?

Guardian boots are a pair of upgraded Bandos boots which require level 75 Defence to wear. They are the predominantly defensive counterpart to primordial boots, providing the best melee and ranged defence bonuses of any footwear.

How do you make a Godsword?

The godsword is created by smithing the three different godsword shards into a godsword blade at an anvil. Doing so requires 80 Smithing, and gives a total of 200 Smithing experience. A godsword hilt is then attached to the godsword blade, which requires no stats and can be done by any player.

Which god sword is the best?

Because of the sheer strength of its special attack, the Armadyl godsword is the most popular godsword, but not the most expensive one.

Do God swords degrade?

Godswords are powerful two-handed swords that were released on 28 August 2007, along with the God Wars Dungeon. They require 75 Attack to wield and are among the strongest non-degradable melee weapons to be found outside Daemonheim.