What does CPT code 59410 include?

What does CPT code 59410 include?

CPT® 59410, Under Vaginal Delivery, Antepartum and Postpartum Care Procedures. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 59410 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Vaginal Delivery, Antepartum and Postpartum Care Procedures.

What services are included in the global obstetric Package?

Broadly speaking, the global OB package covers routine maternity services, dividing the pregnancy into three stages: antepartum (also known as prenatal) care, delivery services, and postpartum care.

How do I bill my postpartum visits?

A well-woman visit at three months postpartum (at least one calendar year from the last annual well-woman service performed and billed) may be reported using CPT codes 99394-99397, as appropriate.

Is 59410 a global code?

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) book identifies the global OB codes as: 59400, 59510, 59610 and 59618 UnitedHealthcare reimburses for these global OB codes when all of the antepartum, delivery and postpartum care is provided by the Same Group Physician and/or Other Health Care Professional.

What is the code for vaginal delivery?

What are the documentation requirements for vaginal deliveries?

CPT Codes for Vaginal Delivery
59409 Vaginal delivery only (with or without episiotomy and/or forceps);
59410 Including postpartum care

How do you bill twin vaginal delivery?

Generally, if one twin is delivered vaginally and one twin is delivered through a C-section, report codes 59510 and 59409-51.

What is the CPT code for global maternity?

CPT Code 59400 Includes Only Uncomplicated Services. It’s important to note, global maternity billing covers services under normal, uncomplicated conditions.

What is included in pregnancy global billing?

Billing guidelines The global maternity allowance is a complete, one-time billing which includes all professional services for routine antepartum care, delivery services, and postpartum care. The fee is reimbursed for all of the member’s obstetric care to one provider.

What is the CPT code for postpartum care only?

If the provider is not claiming the global maternity package, and is providing postpartum care only, report 59430 Postpartum care only (separate procedure). This code includes all after-delivery E/M visits related to the pregnancy.

What is the global period for postpartum?

Routine and scheduled post-partum visit(s) are included in the global. Timing may vary, but typically falls within 1-12 weeks post-delivery. Append modifier 24 to the E/M service when that service is unrelated to the pregnancy or not considered part of routine, uncomplicated postpartum care.

What is included in Global postpartum care?

Global maternity care includes pregnancy-related antepartum care, admission to labor and delivery, management of labor including fetal monitoring, delivery, and uncomplicated postpartum care until six weeks postpartum.

How do you code a twin vaginal delivery?

Coding guide for Obstetrical Care for Twins Usually, if both twins are delivered vaginally, 59400 is reported for twin A and 59409-51 for twin B. If one is delivered vaginally and one is delivered by C-section, 59410 is reported for twin B and 59409-51 for twin A.