What does equality 7-2521 do to liberty 5-3000 at the end of Chapter 4?

What does equality 7-2521 do to liberty 5-3000 at the end of Chapter 4?

Equality 7-2521 tells Liberty 5-3000 that he has given her a name in his mind. He has named her the Golden One. She has named him the Unconquered in her mind.

What happens in chapter 2 of Anthem?

In chapter two, Equality meets a woman named Liberty 5-3000. At this time men over twenty and women over eighteen are sent for one night to the City Palace of Mating with a person assigned to them by the Council of Eugenics in order to create children.

Why is mentioning this word the only crime punishable by death?

What could its rediscovery possibly lead to? T his word ā€œIā€ is the only crime punishable by death because it promotes individualism, and it was forbidden after the Great rebirth. It contradicts the ideas of this society because it promotes individualism and this society there is no individuals.

Who is the golden one in Anthem?

The Golden One A beautiful peasant with whom Equality 7-2521 falls madly in love. The Golden One demonstrates her subservience to Equality 7-2521 by allowing him to change her name from Liberty 5-3000 to the Golden One, and later, Gaea. The Golden One is proud and vain, strong and bitter.

What does equality discover in this chapter?

While dissecting a frog hanging on a copper wire, Equality 7-2521 discovers the power of electricity, which he explores in his tunnel underground.

Who is Liberty 5-3000 Why is equality attracted to her?

Who is Liberty 5-3000? Why is Equality attracted to her and what does she do? She is a woman who lives at the Home of the Peasants. Equality is attracted to her because she is very beautiful.

Why is anthem called Anthem?

The original title of Anthem was Ego, which clearly states the theme of personal initiative and the worth of each human being. The general meaning of the word anthem is a song of praise or celebration; think of the National Anthem that we sing at the start of ball games and other public events.

What crime does equality 7-2521 not commit?

Thus Equality 7-2521 is not allowed to think and is forbidden to study science. Instead he is made a Street Sweeper.

What is Chapter 1 of anthem about?

Anthem Chapter 1 Summary. This dystopian book by Ayn Rand begins in first person plural point of view. The narrator refers to himself as “we” instead of “I.” The reader quickly realizes this change of pronouns is due to the laws of the futuristic society in which he lives.

What is the main theme of Anthem?

Individualism. Without a doubt, individualism is the core theme of Anthem. The entire text is essentially a parable designed to illustrate the paramount importance of Ayn Rand’s idea of individual will.

What did equality 7-2521 steal?

After he finds the tunnel, Equality 7-2521 returns to it each night by sneaking away from the group home where he lives when the others all go to the theater for the nightly show. He has stolen candles from the Home of the Street Sweepers and manuscripts from the Home of the Scholars.

What are some themes of Anthem?


  • The Primacy of the Individual. Equality 7-2521 realizes the significance of his existence only when he comes to understand that one is the center of one’s universe, and that one’s perception gives the world its meaning.
  • The Value of Martyrdom.
  • The Impotence of the Collective.
  • Original Creation as a Component of Identity.