What does granular texture mean?

What does granular texture mean?

Something granular has a grainy texture. Granular sugar is the white kind you find in sugar bowls, and a sandy beach is very granular, too. Anything that’s made of tiny bits like sand or grain can be called granular.

What is the texture of pumice?


Type Igneous Rock
Texture Vesicular
Origin Extrusive/Volcanic
Chemical Composition Felsic
Color White

Is obsidian granular?

Structure Massive. Granularity Glassy, aphanitic rock. Texture Glassy (vitreous, hyaline).

When most of the grains are euhedral the texture of rock is called?

Fabric refers to the mutual relationship between the grains. Three types of fabric are commonly referred to: If most of the grains are euhedral – that is they are bounded by well-formed crystal faces. The fabric is said to be idomorphic granular.

What does level of granularity mean?

Data granularity is a measure of the level of detail in a data structure. Means the level of dimensional accuracy of model data. Zooming from a high level of granularity (a) into lower from www.researchgate.net.

What causes foliation in a metamorphic rock?

Foliated Metamorphic Rocks: Foliation forms when pressure squeezes the flat or elongate minerals within a rock so they become aligned. These rocks develop a platy or sheet-like structure that reflects the direction that pressure was applied.

Is pumice soft or hard?

Key Takeaways: Pumice Rock Essentially, pumice is a solid foam. It is light enough to float on water until it becomes waterlogged. Pumice occurs worldwide wherever explosive volcanic eruptions have occurred.

What is the texture of basalt?

Basalts have almost always aphanitic or fine-grained mineral texture resulting from rapid cooling of volcanic magma.

What is the texture of obsidian?


Type Igneous Rock
Texture Glassy
Origin Extrusive/Volcanic
Chemical Composition Felsic
Color Reddish Brown mottled with black

Is obsidian a strong material?

But while real obsidian looks like it’s also a deep, opaque black, if you hold it to the light you’ll usually see it shine with a green glow. That’s because obsidian is glass, and rather than being super tough, it’s brittle, shattering easily.

What is Ophitic texture in geology?

Ophitic texture is the association of lath-shaped euhedral crystals of plagioclase, grouped radially or in an irregular mesh, with surrounding or interstitial large anhedral crystals of pyroxene; it is characteristic of the common rock type known as diabase.

Is basalt a euhedral?

Groundmass: 5-10% Ol, euhedral.