What does it mean to sedate someone?

What does it mean to sedate someone?

If someone is sedated, they are given a drug to calm them or to make them sleep. The patient is sedated with intravenous use of sedative drugs. Synonyms: drug, knock out, dope, anaesthetize More Synonyms of sedate.

Is sedate a verb or adjective?

Adjective We walked the beach at a sedate pace. He remained sedate under pressure. Verb The doctor sedated the patient heavily.

What is the verb for sedation?

verb (used with object), se·dat·ed, se·dat·ing. to put (a person) under sedation.

How do you use the word sedate?

Sedate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The shot should sedate the patient and allow him to sleep peacefully.
  2. When my baby is upset, I can usually sedate her by patting her back.
  3. The only way to sedate the hostile dog was by putting him to sleep with a tranquilizer.

Does sedated mean coma?

A drug-induced coma, better known as sedation in the medical field, is commonly used in medical, surgical and neurological intensive care units.

What is a synonym of sedate?

Some common synonyms of sedate are earnest, grave, serious, sober, solemn, and staid. While all these words mean “not light or frivolous,” sedate implies a composed and decorous seriousness.

What does sedate a dog mean?

What is Sedation? Pets that are sedated are in a ‘sleepy’ state. It makes them physically and mentally relaxed during an investigation which may otherwise be unpleasant. They are unlikely to remember what has happened, much as in humans who have had a procedure under sedation.

What does peevishness mean?

Definition of peevish 1 : querulous in temperament or mood : fretful. 2 : perversely (see perverse sense 2b) obstinate a peevish child. 3 : marked by ill temper has a peevish, even spiteful, streak— Elizabeth Drew.

Is Sedater a word?

Sedater definition (nonstandard) Comparative form of sedate: more sedate.

Can a sedated person on a ventilator hear you?

This will depend on how much sedation they have been given or any injury to their brain that they may have. If they can hear you, they are unable to speak if they have a breathing tube in their mouth.

Is being sedated the same as being asleep?

Deep sedation is like twilight sedation where you feel very dreamy and will fall asleep. You are not totally unconscious, but it would be harder to arouse you. You do not respond to verbal and physical stimulation as readily as moderate sedation.

What is the opposite of a sedative?

Opposite of soothing or calming in effect. agitating. excitative. stimulating. upsetting.

How to use “sedate” in a sentence?

sedate in a sentence Actually, Steven’s house now looks sedate and established. Emergency Service officers sedated the boar and captured a second pig. Off the field, Bledsoe tends to cut a sedate style. A more sedate tone to business is felt on 16th Avenue. Good Samaritan sedated the trio, allowing

What is the meaning of the word ‘sedate’?

What does sedate mean? Calm, quiet, or composed; esp., serious and unemotional; staid; decorous. (adjective)

What does heavily sedated mean?

Deep sedation is medicine given during procedures or treatments to keep you asleep and comfortable. It will also prevent you from remembering the procedure or treatment. You cannot be easily woken up during deep sedation, and you may need help to breathe. Deep sedation can be given as an IV injection, a shot, a pill, or through an inhaled solution.

What do doctors use to sedate a patient?

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