What does it mean when a person is determined?

What does it mean when a person is determined?

1 : free from doubt about doing something He was determined to make it home. 2 : not weak or uncertain : firm She’s making a determined effort.

Is determined a quality?

Determination is the quality that you show when you have decided to do something and you will not let anything stop you. Everyone concerned acted with great courage and determination. He reaffirmed their determination to tackle inflation.

What do you call a person who is determined?

resolute Add to list Share. Use the adjective resolute to describe a purposeful and determined person, someone who wants to do something very much, and won’t let anything get in the way.

What does well determined mean?

adjective. Clearly determined; especially readily distinguished or identified; distinct.

Why is determination a good characteristic?

Because they are self-determined they will admit what was done wrong, suggest they can do it better, assess the situation, and take the necessary action to correct the problem. This is a valuable skill that many successful people practice continually throughout life.

What determination looks like?

Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Determination occurs prior to goal attainment and serves to motivate behavior that will help achieve one’s goal.

Is determined a feeling?

What are the characteristics of determination?

What are some traits of determined people?

  • Determined people set small goals for themselves. You cannot accomplish your goals all at once.
  • Determined people believe their future is in their control.
  • Determined people do not whine or complain.
  • Determined people are inwardly focused.

What is well-defined person?

The definition of well defined is physical features or attributes that are precise and outlined clearly. An example of well defined is a person with an hour-glass figure.

What is another word for well-defined?

Words related to well-defined clear-cut, distinct, explicit, precise, straightforward, transparent, unambiguous, apparent, audible, comprehensible, graspable, intelligible, legible, lucent, lucid, obvious, plain, sharp, spelled out, unblurred.

What is a good example of determination?

Determination is defined as a firm intent or a decision which has been reached. An example of determination is the strength to keep applying for jobs after being turned down by dozens of potential employers. An example of determination is a jury’s verdict in a trial.

Is determination a skill or quality?

Determination is an important life skill and management skill. You probably know some truly motivated people.

What does it mean to say that something is looking good?

2. To indicate a likelihood of something desirable, successful, or impressive; to bode well for the future. Things are looking good for the company after they revealed their financial results for the quarter. We won’t know if the surgery was successful until later, but everything looks good so far.

What does it mean to be determined in life?

Definition of determined. 1 : having reached a decision : firmly resolved was determined to become a pilot is determined not to let it happen again. 2a : showing determination a determined effort. b : characterized by determination … will deter all but the most determined thief. — Security World.

What does to look good on your application mean?

To give the appearance of something that is desirable or proper. It will look good on your application if you’ve done some volunteer work. She’ll look good before the panel if she remembers to address each member by name.

How do you use determined in a sentence?

Examples of determined in a Sentence. We are making a determined effort to correct our mistakes. his determined opponent would not be bluffed or shaken. Recent Examples on the Web The vehicle, which had been stolen in a car-jacking, was towed, determined to be too damaged to repair and estimated to be worth $5,000.