What does Je suis morte?

What does Je suis morte?

I died of. I die of. I’m dying of.

What is Je suis alle?

January 30, 2014. “Je suis allé(e)” is the passé composé form, meaning it was a repeated or habitual action that you did in the past, i.e.: I went/I used to go/I did go.

What is the meaning of Je suis perdu?

Translation of “je suis perdue” in English. I’m lost I’m confused I am lost.

What is Je Suis English?

Translation of “je suis” in English. Noun Adverb Other. I am. I was. I have.

Is J AI Alle correct?

No it is not; There are two mistakes, can you find at least one of them? * * First, in French you can’t say “j’ai allé”: you say “je suis allé”; you always use the auxiliaire ‘etre’ before the verb aller in the perfect tenses. Second, you can’t say “a le cinéma”; you have to say “au cinéma”.

What tense is Il Fera?

The vous present tense form– faites– is also highly irregular….Future-perfect.

je ferai
il/elle fera
nous ferons
vous ferez
ils/elles feront

Is Je suis masculine or feminine?

In order to say “I am + adjective”, for example “I am happy”, use je suis followed by the adjective in the masculine or feminine form.

Is it jai alle or Je suis alle?

“j’ai été” can mean “je suis allé” (I went)

What is verb aller?

In its most simple sense, it means ‘to go’ and it’s the most commonly used verb of motion in French. It is used in many phrases that relate to your social or routine activities, such as: Je vais au bureau (I go to the office) and Nous allons au cinéma (We’re going to the cinema).

What does faire mean in English?

to do
On its own faire can be translated as “to do,” “to make,” “to equal,” “to play,” “to cover,” “to turn into,” “to work as,” “to act,” “to measure,” “to cost,” and “to last,” depending on the context.