What does Kop khun Krap mean?

What does Kop khun Krap mean?

Thank You
Kap khun krap/ka: Thank You A polite thank you is a lovely way to leave a restaurant or show appreciation in any place – for this you can say kap khun krap/ka.

What does Kob kun ka mean?

Thank you
The word “Thank you” is kob (low tone) khun (normal tone), followed by the polite word: Female: ขอบคุณค่ะ – kob khun ka.

What is the meaning of khun?

The basic meaning of Khun in the Thai language is “You”; however, it is often used as a form of respect for people. Generally, Khun precedes a Thai name to show respect for the person. It can be regarded as the Thai equivalent of Mr., Mrs., or Miss.

How do you say I love you in Thai to a boy?

“I LOVE YOU” IN THAI LANGUAGE. Male speaker: Pom rak khun ผม รัก คุณ Female speaker: Chan rak khun ฉัน รัก คุณ

What does Khun Chai mean?

Ai Koon-Chai is the way Ae sarcastically calls Pete. Ae’s personality is pretty dull and blunt. So he hardly speaks politely to his friends. But the way he calls “Koon Chai” is not a compliment to Pete either. It’s a sarcasm.

What does KHOP Khun Khap mean?

3 – Thank You in Thai: Khop Khun kha/khap The Thai word for thank you is khop khun. It is perhaps the most important Thai word to learn. Thais are polite and khop khun is a response that is always appreciated. Women say ‘khop khun kha’, men say ‘khop khun khap’.

What is Khob Khun in English?

English translation: thank you so much.

How do you use Khun?

Khun is used for men and women, married or single. If you don’t know a person’s name, address them as Khun. Example: Anuwat (Given) + Wattapongsiri (Family) is Khun Anuwat. Correspondence: Use Dear + Khun + given name.

What does Krap mean in Thai?

ครับผม (khráp phǒm) is used to indicate understanding, like “yes”, “right”, “okay then”. It’s used by male speakers (hence krap (male politeness particle) and phom (“me” for males). However, you may also hear women saying it.

Can Rak Khun?

Example: Chan rak khun – I (woman) love you.

What does chai stand for?

Chai (חי) is a Hebrew word and symbol that means “life,” “alive,” or “living.” It is spelled with the Hebrew letters Chet (ח) and Yud (י).

What is the difference between “kob Kun Krap” and “kob Kun Kub”?

It maening “thank you” for woman but man say “kob kun kub” man say “kub” woman say “ka” “Kob kun ka” is used when a female says thank you, while “Kob kun krap” or “Kob kun Khap” is used when a male says thank you.

What is the meaning of Khob Khun Ka?

Keeping this in consideration, what does Khob Khun Ka mean? It means thank you. The ending ‘kha’ or ‘ka’ is feminine and said or spoken by the female speakers. It’s Khob Khun Khap if you are a male and want to say thank you.

What does Kub/Ka mean in Thai?

I don’t know how to explain it. Or Thai people will just say “รักนะครับ/รักนะคะ” (Rak na kub, rak na ka) which means pretty much the same thing but sounds more cute and romantic. kub/ka just makes whatever you say more polite if you add it to the end of the sentence.

What does KHOB-Kun-Krub mean?

, studied at Kmitl (2013) Basically “Thank you” said by a women. “kob kun” means thank you. Adding ka(by women) or krub(by men) at the end of each phase or sentence makes it more polite. It means ‘thank you’ khob-kun ขอบคุณ. khob-kun-Ka, If you are a woman. khob-kun-Krub, If you are a man.