What does landing the plane mean?

What does landing the plane mean?

1 : the act of returning to a surface after a flight or voyage The plane made a smooth landing. 2 : a place for unloading or taking on passengers and cargo.

What Does landing mean in slang?

The phrase stick the landing is now sometimes used as a slang term meaning to flawlessly perform the last action of some task.

What does it mean to airplane someone?

To make someone afraid or frightened. frighten. alarm. scare.

What is a butter landing?

A “butter landing” is the professional and realistic landing method, that incorporates flaring. In a Butter Landing, your plane is correctly lined up for a smooth touchdown and your plane’s back wheels hit the ground before your front wheels.

What is a plane landing called?

Landing is the last part of a flight, where a flying animal, aircraft, or spacecraft returns to the ground. When the flying object returns to water, the process is called alighting, although it is commonly called “landing”, “touchdown” or “splashdown” as well.

Why is a landing called a landing?

Landing started out in the seventeenth century as the obvious word to use for a place where one alights from a boat — where one comes to land.

What is a flight of fancy?

Definition of flight of fancy/imagination/fantasy : an idea, story, etc., that shows great imagination but is very unlikely to be true or practical The book is filled with flights of fancy about the future of the computer industry. flights of imagination about becoming a superstar.

What does scheduled flight status mean?

Flight Status Descriptions. Flight Status Descriptions. Scheduled: Flight is not airborne. Departure and arrival times are according to airline’s schedule.

What is hard landing in aircraft?

The term “hard landing” comes from aviation, where it refers to the kind of high-speed landing that—while not an actual crash—is a source of stress as well as potential damage and injury.

Why do pilots say butter?

The term butter comes from the texture of regular butter. It is smooth and slick, how a good landing is. To butter the landing, when you land you have to keep the nose up by flying just above stall speed to keep the plane at a neutral rate of altitude speed.

How do you land a plane?

The aircraft should touch down close to the aiming point (painted on the runway) with a low rate of descent. They will then apply brakes (or use automatic braking), and possibly reverse thrust, before turning off the runway onto a taxiway and taxiing to the terminal.

What is the dictionary definition of airplane landing?

Define airplane landing. airplane landing synonyms, airplane landing pronunciation, airplane landing translation, English dictionary definition of airplane landing. Noun 1. airplane landing-landing an aircraft aircraft landing landing-the act of coming down to the earth; “the plane made a smooth landing”; “his…

What is a forced landing in aviation?

aircraft landing landing- the act of coming down to the earth (or other surface); “the plane made a smooth landing”; “his landing on his feet was catlike” emergency landing, forced landing- an unscheduled airplane landing that is made under circumstances (engine failure or adverse weather) not under the pilot’s control

What is an emergency landing in aviation?

emergency landing, forced landing- an unscheduled airplane landing that is made under circumstances (engine failure or adverse weather) not under the pilot’s control GCA, ground-controlled approach- aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar