What does the word countersign mean?

What does the word countersign mean?

Definition of countersign 1 : a signature attesting the authenticity of a document already signed by another. 2 : a sign given in reply to another specifically : a military secret signal that must be given by one wishing to pass a guard.

What is countersign example?

In law, countersignature refers to a second signature onto a document. For example, a contract or other official document signed by the representative of a company may be countersigned by their supervisor to verify the authority of the representative.

What is the difference between countersign and signature?

As nouns the difference between signature and countersign is that signature is a ‘s name, written by that person, used to signify approval of accompanying material, such as a legal contract while countersign is a second signature added to a document to affirm the validity of the signature of the first person.

How do you countersign a letter?

How do you write a countersign letter? Understanding Countersignatures The first party reads the document and signs it if they agree to the terms of the agreement, the second party then countersigns the document by providing their signature confirming their agreement with the terms of the contract.

Where is countersigned used?

a sign used in reply to another sign. Military. a secret sign that must be given by authorized persons seeking admission through a guarded area.

How do you countersign in TC?

The Transfer Certificate shall be countersigned by the Manager/Secretary/member of the School managing Committee and the Head of the school while forwarding the same to the Board in cases of direct admission and seeking approval from the Board.

Who needs a countersignature?

The countersignature is a necessary requirement in the following scenarios: First Adult Passport. Second Passport. Passport Renewal for a child who is below the age of 11 or when the appearance of the person applying has changed beyond recognition from his/her existing passport.

What is countersignature on a passport form?

What the countersignatory must do with your form. After you’ve filled in the form, your countersignatory must check the details are correct and sign it. By signing it they are confirming that: they’ve known you for more than 2 years.

Is countersign necessary in TC?

it is mandatory (if it is a school)to get the countersign from the BEO, the place of office varies from one district to another district.

What is TC in CBSE?

In a bid to contain malpractices by certain schools affiliated under the CBSE, the board, in the latest amendment to the examination by-laws, has said the schools can issue transfer certificate (TC) to students only in case of migration or written request from parents.

Can I get a passport without a countersignature?

Countersigning the application form and photo The countersignature is mandatory under Section 10 of the passport application form and on the back of one of the passport photos.