What does Tommy correctly guess about Kathy?

What does Tommy correctly guess about Kathy?

As he puts it, “She could decide for herself what’s a good match and what’s just a stupid crush.” Later, Tommy confronts Kathy about the time he caught her looking at porn magazines. He guesses correctly that Kathy was looking for her possible in the photos.

What does Norfolk represent in Never Let Me Go?

The East Anglian county of Norfolk is a symbol of loss on several levels in Never Let Me Go. Hailsham children call Norfolk the ‘lost corner of England’ because Miss Emily has no illustration of it for her geography lessons (pp.

What is Ruth’s dream future?

Analysis. When Ruth describes her “dream future” of working in an open-plan office, she provokes characteristic reactions from both Kathy and the veterans. Kathy is once again a careful observer, recognizing that Ruth is describing the office in the magazine ad.

What does Kathy decide to do after her talk with Laura?

After speaking with Laura, Kathy decides to become Ruth’s carer.

What are the possibles in Never Let Me Go?

Okay, so possibles are the normal folk that Kathy and her pals were copied from. When one of the clones goes out into the real world beyond the Cottages, they keep an eye out for these original models. (Talk about awkward encounters.) They aren’t sure if the possibles would be older than them, like parents would be.

What happens to Tommy in Never Let Me Go?

Tommy becomes a carer and then a donor at Kingsfield recovery center. Eventually, Kathy becomes his carer. Together, they visit Madame to ask for a deferral. When they learn that deferrals never existed, Tommy throws his final tantrum in the middle of a cow field.

What is the purpose of Never Let Me Go?

Never Let Me Go takes place in the late 20th century, in an England where human beings are cloned and bred for the purposes of harvesting their organs once they reach adulthood.

What is the significance of the boat in Never Let Me Go?

The boat represents a broken life, a life in which you are only permitted to dream, whereas your future is decided. The boat symbolizes the mystery of origin of the donors. Students at Hailsham are trained not to be inquisitive. Their lessons are planned and the main issue of organ donation was never emphasized enough.

What is Tommy’s theory about the gallery?

Madame is a lady who periodically visited Hailsham when the three friends were children, and who chose their best artwork. Tommy’s theory is that Madame collected their art to read their souls and see which clones were in love. A visit from Madame could also be a chance to ask for a deferral of his last donation.

Who was James Morningdale?

She explains to them that Hailsham lost its funding due to something called the “Morningdale Scandal.” A scientist named James Morningdale tried to create clones of superior intelligence, and when news of his work leaked, the public became very uncomfortable with the idea that clones might somehow be superhuman.