What does worldwide tech do?

What does worldwide tech do?

World Wide Technology (WWT), a global technology solution provider with $13.4 billion in annual revenue, designs, builds, demonstrates and deploys innovative technology products, integrated architectural solutions and transformational digital experiences for large public and private organizations around the globe.

Who owns World Wide Technology in St Louis?

Dave Steward
Steward has been president of the St. Louis chapters of several of the above organizations. World Wide Technology, Inc., was the bold name that Dave Steward gave his start-up company of five people located in 4000 square feet of space.

Is World Wide Technology Black Owned?

With more than 5,600 employees and offices around the globe, the company is the largest Black-owned business in America.

Who owns World Wide Technology Holding Inc?

World Wide Technology

Type Technology
Founders David Steward, Jim Kavanaugh
Headquarters Maryland Heights, Missouri
Key people David Steward (Chairman) Jim Kavanaugh (CEO)
Revenue $13.4 billion

What does worldwide technology sell?

World Wide Technology, Inc., a systems integrator, provides information technology and supply chain solutions to the commercial, government, and telecom sectors. It engages in reselling technology products and services. The company also offers supply chain management and asset recovery solutions.

Is World Wide Technology a good place to work?

At World Wide Technology, we are excited and honored to be recognized for the 10th year in a row by the Great Place to Work Institute and Fortune Magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2021.

How did David Steward make his money?

Real Time Net Worth Today he is majority owner of the $14.5 billion (sales) company, whose customers include Citi, Verizon and the federal government. He grew up in the segregated South with seven siblings; his father worked as a mechanic, janitor and trash collector.

How much is David Steward worth?

5.8 billion USD (2022)David Steward / Net worth

David L. Steward is currently considered the second richest black man in the United States, worth over $3.7 billion dollars. Stewart was born on July 2, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is the richest black man in St Louis?

He is chairman and founder of World Wide Technology, one of the largest African-American-owned businesses in America….David L. Steward (born 1951) is an American businessman.

David Steward
Education Central Missouri State University

How much is WWT worth?

Fast forward to 2020, WWT has a total valuation worth of nearly $12 billion. Its majority owner is still David Steward.

What is David Steward known for?

Steward (born 1951) is an American businessman. He is chairman and founder of World Wide Technology, one of the largest African-American-owned businesses in America. Chicago, Illinois, U.S. According to Forbes, in 2019 Steward was one of 13 black billionaires worldwide.

How much is Jim Kavanaugh worth?

3.4 billion USD (2022)Jim Kavanaugh / Net worth
He served as chief executive officer (CEO) since that time, while the company grew to billions of dollors in revenue. By 2015 it had become one of the largest companies in the St. Louis area. By 2021, WWT reveues were over $13 billion, and his net worth was estimated as $2.3 billion.