What does ya mean in txt?

What does ya mean in txt?

This term is commonly used as a shortened replacement for the word you. However, in the world of texting shorthand, it has also been used to replace the word “yeah” or “yes.” YA, can also be used as an abbreviation for a genre of literature, known as young adults. Usage/Origin of “Ya”

What are some texting slang words?

Useful New Texting Acronyms

  • Old: LOL (Laughing out loud)
  • Old: TTYL (Talk to you later)
  • Old: NC (Netflix and chill)
  • Old: ILY (I love you)
  • Old: BFF (Best friends forever)
  • Old: FWB (Friend with benefits)
  • Old: JK (Just kidding)
  • Old: IMHO (In my humble opinion)

What are texting acronyms called?

Short Message Service (SMS) language, textspeak, or texting language is the abbreviated language and slang commonly used with mobile phone text messaging, or other Internet-based communication such as email and instant messaging.

What does FT mean in txt?

The abbreviation FT means “FaceTime” (when talking about the Apple communications app), “Featuring” (usually when talking about an artist collaborating on a song released by another artist), and “Financial Times” (when talking about finance or the media).

What does ya mean from a girl?

(informal) Yeah, yes. interjection. 6. Young adult.

Is it ya or yah?

Yea means yes too, but it’s reserved primarily for formal votes. Yay is an expression of joy or excitement. Though yah can be used in place of yes, it’s not as popular as yeah. Use ya if you’re trying to convey yes with a Southern accent or other similar dialects.

What is the most texted word?

Top 50 Most Popular Text Terms

  • TMI – Too Much Information.
  • TTYL – Talk To You Later -or- Type To You Later.
  • TYVM – Thank You Very Much.
  • VBG – Very Big Grin.
  • WEG – Wicked Evil Grin.
  • WTF – What The F***
  • WYWH – Wish You Were Here.
  • XOXO – Hugs and Kisses.

What does MK mean in text?

In general text chat MK usually means “Mmm okay.” It is used to express agreement or acceptance (but not always enthusiasm).

What does OTP mean in text?

Words We’re Watching: ‘OTP’ OTP is an abbreviation meaning “one true pair/pairing.”

What are some good slang words for text messages?

Slang for Texting Words and Phrases. 1 H8 – Hate. 2 HAK – Hug and kiss. 3 HAU – How about you? 4 HAV – Have. 5 H&K – Hugs & kisses. 6 H2CUS – Hope to see you soon. 7 HAND – Have a nice day. 8 H-BDAY – Happy Birthday. 9 HF – Have fun. 10 HFAC – Holy flipping animal crackers.

What are some slang words that teenagers use to talk about others?

So you might hear your teen use these slang words when talking about other people: Bae – “Before anyone else” and is often used to describe a boyfriend or girlfriend. BF/GF – Boyfriend or girlfriend. BFF – Best friends forever. Bruh – Same as “bro”.

Why learn how to write and read texting slang?

Learning how to write and read texting slang comes in handy for people of all ages across a variety of devices. Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of text language, you can make sure you’re texting what you think you’re texting.

What are the best ways to use chat slang?

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days, so text messaging has become one of the most common mediums for using chat slang. By using acronyms and abbreviations in your text messages, you can save characters and type your messages even faster.