What engine does a Datsun 510 have?

What engine does a Datsun 510 have?

Datsun 510
Engine 1.3L L13 I4 1.3L J13 I4 1.4L L14 I4 1.5L J15 I4 1.6L L16 I4 1.8L L18 I4
Wheelbase 95.3 in (2,420 mm)

How much horsepower does a Datsun 510 have?

Engine manufacturer: Nissan L16
Horsepower gross: 71.5 kW / 97 PS / 96 hp (SAE.)
/ 5600
Torque gross: 135 Nm / 99.8 ft-lb
/ 3600

Is a Datsun 510 a JDM car?

The Cost Of A Classic Datsun 510 Today More than 550,000 of these cars sold all over the world from 1968 to 1973, and in Japan, there was also the Datsun 510 Coupe know as the Nissan Bluebird, something JDM fans are only too happy to get into the US today.

Are Datsun 510s rare?

While the 240Z needs no further introduction, the 510 is the unsung hero of the classic Datsun lineup. It’s also a rare bird, especially in the U.S., where you’ll need a ton of luck to see one on public roads.

What was the Datsun 510 called in Australia?

Datsun 1600
For the US Market the car was called the “Datsun 510”, in Australia and Canada it was the “Datsun 1600”.

What was the Datsun 510 called in the UK?

Datsun (Bluebird) 510, 1300-1600 – 1968 Along with its smaller Sunny 1000 sibling, the Bluebird 1300-1600 saloon and estate car range were the models that launched the Datsun brand onto the British new car market in 1968 (along with most other European markets).

What is a Datsun Bluebird?

The Datsun Bluebird which debuted in August 1959 was an all-new car, and was available in Japan at the dealership sales channel Nissan Bluebird Store. The 310 series had a 1 L engine from the 210 model. The 310 was built from 1960 to 1963. There were three models built: 310 (1960), 311 (1961), and 312 (1962–1963).

Why is the Datsun 510 famous?

The Datsun 510 continued to be popular in amateur Sporting Car Club of America (SCCA) competition in the years after that not only because it was such a quick and tight handling car but also because Nissan kept up a good parts supply.

Will Nissan make the IDx?

The Nissan IDx is a concept car introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show by Nissan. It is supposedly inspired by the Datsun 510. The IDx is Nissan’s answer to the “RWD tuner craze” that is ongoing and a direct competitor to the Hyundai Genesis coupe & Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ….

Nissan IDx
Predecessor Datsun 510 (spiritual)

What does Datsun SSS mean?

SSS= Super Sport Sedan.