What episode does Andre and Tori sing?

What episode does Andre and Tori sing?

Thor: Love and Thunder – The Loop 365 Days is a song performed by André and Tori in the episode Jade Gets Crushed.

Are Leon Thomas III and Victoria Justice still friends?

Veon is the real life pairing of Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas (V/ictoria and L/eon). They are shown to be close friends in real life like the rest of the Victorious cast.

What is the last song in Victorious?

Bad Boys
Bad Boys: A song that Tori sang in a talk show. This is the last song in Victorious.

Did Andre have a crush on Tori?

André composes a love song just after Tori leaves, possibly his way of admitting his feelings for Tori, and she just doesn’t realize it. André and Tori are standing next to each other in the Diddly-Bops picture.

What episode does Beck fall in love with Tori?

Beck Falls for Tori is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Victorious and the 22nd episode overall.

Are Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas still friends?

Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas grew up together on the set of Victorious. While the show ultimately ended in 2013 after four seasons, the two still remain active in each other’s lives in 2020. After all these years, Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas are still friends, and continue to support each other through and through.

How old is Leon Thomas III?

28 years (August 1, 1993)Leon Thomas III / Age

Does Beck ever sing in Victorious?

Beck can be seen in the theme song playing an electric guitar. He did not play any instrument in the show, but he does sing occasionally.

Why does Nina Dobrev look like Victoria Justice?

Looking like they were separated at birth, lookalikes Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice are actually not related. In October 2015, they finally got a chance to meet at the sixth annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. They were also joined by American model Melanie Iglesias.

Who writes the songs in Victorious?

The majority of the album was written by Michael Corcoran, Dan Schneider, Savan Kotecha, Kool Kojak and CJ Abraham with Victoria Justice involved in the composition of “Best Friend’s Brother” and Leon Thomas III on “Song 2 You”.