What games does a Multicade have?

What games does a Multicade have?


1942 Dig Dug Space Panic
Amidar Donkey Kong Jr Super Pac-Man
Arkanoid Donkey Kong 3 Tank Battalion
Bomb Jack Frogger The End
Burger Time Galaga Time Pilot

What is Multicade?

A multicade machine can contain 60-400 games in a single cabinet. With a multicade unit, you can spend hours upon hours playing your absolute favorite vintage arcade games. Popular multicade games include: Pac-Man.

How many Arcade1Up games are there?

This full-size arcade cabinet comes with 350 games and can be expanded to play a lot more. I’m a big fan of Arcade1Up’s arcade cabinets, pricey and limited though they may be.

How many games are in Multicade?

60 Games
Multi‚ÄďArcade Classic 80s Video Game Cabinet with 60 Games.

What games are in the 60 in 1 board?

The 60-in-1 multi game JAMMA board features 60 timeless classic arcade games including Galaga, Galaxian, Burger Time, Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Pac Man, 1942, Amidar, Bomb Jack, Frogger and many more… This PCB supports up to 2 x trackballs.

Who owns Arcade1Up?

Tastemakers, Inc.
Arcade1Up was established as a subsidiary of Tastemakers, Inc. in 2018 by its CEO Scott Bachrach. In June 2017, Bachrach had been involved in a meeting discussing the growing interest in retrogaming.

Can you upgrade Arcade1Up?

You can also upgrade your arcade1up cabinet artwork, control deck, or internals from our store.

Who makes game elf?

Product information

Binding Video Game
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available September 21, 2017

What is a jamma game board?

Collection: Jamma Board JAMMA stands for Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association who in 1985 created the JAMMA wiring standard. This allowed all Arcade Cabinets that were wired in the JAMMA standard to run any game built to this standard.

What are the 6060 arcade games in 1 multicade?

60 in 1 Multicade Arcade Game List. 1. Ms Pacman. 2. Galaga. 3. Frogger. 4. Donkey Kong.

How much does a 60 in 1 multicade cost?

The 60-in-1 Multicade game is a brand new commercial grade upright arcade machine with 60 games in 1 cabinet. Many of the most popular games the 1980’s, This machine has a 19″ LED monitor, joystick, and 2-1/4″ trackball assembly and is set on free play for home use. $200.00 Flat Rate Shipping in the 48 Contiguous States.

What games are in the Pacman 60 in 1 multicade?

iCade 60-in-1 Multicade System, Games List, And Manual. 1 Ms. Pac-Man. 2 Pac-Man. 3 Jr. Pac-Man. 4 Super Pac-Man. 5 Pac-Man Plus. 6 Ms. Pac-Man (Fast Mode) 7 Pac-Man (Fast Mode) 8 Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode) 9 Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode) Galaga Family Series -.