What happened to Deborah Raffin?

What happened to Deborah Raffin?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Deborah Raffin, an actress who had roles in movies like “Forty Carats” and “Once Is Not Enough,” died here on Wednesday. She was 59. The cause was leukemia, her brother, William, told The Los Angeles Times. The disease was diagnosed about a year ago.

Who is Deborah Raffin married to?

Michael VinerDeborah Raffin / Spouse (m. 1974–2005)Michael Ames Viner was an American film producer and record producer, who later shifted into book publishing and became an innovator in the audiobook field. Wikipedia

Is the movie touched by love a true story?

The movie, Touched By Love, was based on the book To Elvis, With Love. Lena Canada’s now very rare memoir tells the powerful, true story of Lena’s friendship and love for Karen, the young girl crippled and dying from the effects of cerebral palsy. It is also the story of the power that Elvis holds for many people.

Who was Deborah Raffin?

Actress Deborah Raffin, who became the quintessential California blonde TV movie/mini-series ingenue and heroine during the three decades when the genre thrived in the 1970s-1980s-1990s, died on Wednesday.

What did Elizabeth Raffin die of?

Raffin died from leukemia in her native Los Angeles at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on November 21, 2012, aged 59. After her funeral service, she was buried at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary in Culver City, California. Raffin was nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actress award for her work in Touched by Love (1980).

Why is Joanna Raffin such a good actress?

With her fresh looks and empathetic acting, Raffin went on to become one of the most well-known TV actresses of her generation – almost always playing the young woman whom men tried to protect from life’s harsh realities but who ultimately found independence.

Can Deborah Raffin shake Christmas?

Actress Deborah Raffin can’t shake Christmas. It’s as much a part of her life in July as it is in December”. Nl.newsbank.com. Retrieved September 30, 2014.