What happened to Michael schoeffling from Sixteen Candles?

What happened to Michael schoeffling from Sixteen Candles?

Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan) Schoeffling’s final acting credit was as Al Carver in the 1991 film Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. He has since retired from acting and now resides in Pennsylvania with his wife. Not much is known about his life now, but he does own a woodworking shop.

Is there a Weird Science 2?

Two nerds (Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte and Mad Men’s Marten Holden Weiner) attempt to create the ultimate babe (Alessandro Ambrosio) in their basement with a little help from some strange chemistry.

Who was the girl from Weird Science?

Kelly LeBrock (born March 24, 1960) is an American actress and model. Her acting debut was in The Woman in Red (1984), co-starring Gene Wilder. She also starred in the films Weird Science (1985), directed by John Hughes, and Hard to Kill (1990), with Steven Seagal.

Did Ferris Bueller go to the same school as the Breakfast Club?

In fact – Ferris goes to the same school as the characters in the Breakfast Club – the (fictional) Shermer High School, which also features in 16 Candles and Pretty In Pink.

What high school was used in 16 candles?

What did Claire do in The Breakfast Club?

The popular girl at school, Claire Standish, was played by Molly Ringwald. Claire ended up in detention because she skipped class so she could go shopping.

Why is breakfast club important?

By reducing the stress of the morning routine for families and children, breakfast clubs can help improve behaviour and attendance. Children have up to an hour before school starts so they can relax, play, eat, exercise and socialise, all without the rush of getting to school.

What high school was weird science filmed at?

Niles East High School

How old is Claire Standish?


What high school is in Ferris Bueller day off?

Glenbrook North High School

How old are the actors in weird science?

IMDb Rating: 6.4

Actor Age then Age now
Anthony Michael Hall 17 53
Kelly LeBrock 25 61
Ilan Mitchell-Smith 16 51
Bill Paxton 30 65

Where is the house from 16 candles?

1407 Waverly Road, Highland Park, IL

What does Lisa turn Chet into?

However, Lisa, having had enough of Chet’s bullying, turns him into a disgusting talking pile of Feces.

When was weird science filmed?

August 2, 1985 (USA)

Where is the weird science house?

Summary. April 2008 photo in w:Los Cerritos, Long Beach, California looking northwest at 4252 Country Club Drive of a house used in the 1985 w:teen film Weird Science as the fictional, upscale family home Wyatt Donnelly and the location of the Gary-Wyatt party.