What happened to the Amazing Race watermelon?

What happened to the Amazing Race watermelon?

In one of their first challenges, Claire had to fire a watermelon out of a slingshot and hit a target on the other side of a field. But it went spectacularly wrong and the watermelon came flying back at her head, striking her right in the face.

What episode of The Amazing Race was the watermelon catapult?

The Top 10 Everything of 2010 Even before it aired, this scene from the Season 17 premiere of CBS’s The Amazing Race went viral. In the clip, contestant Claire Champlin, a Home Shopping Television host, pulls back a massive slingshot holding a watermelon.

Who got hit in the face with a watermelon on Amazing Race?

Claire Champlin
‘The Amazing Race’: Claire Champlin, aka watermelon girl, talks about painful slap in the face by fruit.

What season of the Amazing Race was the watermelon girl?

Here’s what the ‘watermelon girl’ has been up to. Claire Champlin had come on the show along with her friend Brook Roberts.

What happened to the girl that took a watermelon to the face?

When the clip aired before the season did, she was overwhelmed with emails and messages asking if she was the woman who copped a watermelon to the face. In the nine years since, Claire has started doing interior design and now has a family with three kids – so she’s definitely doing something right.

Is The Amazing Race still casting?

“We made the tough decision to stop production in February 2020 and are excited that, despite the challenges of filming and traveling internationally in a pandemic, we were able to welcome this amazing cast back to finish what they started and complete their journeys of a lifetime safely this fall.”

Who won The Amazing Race 2022?

Being able to share it with our family was something we’ll always remember,” Penn said. Penn and Kim Holderness beat out 10 other teams to win the 33rd season of “The Amazing Race.”

Does 2nd place win anything on Amazing Race?

The runner-ups, according to IB Times, also receive monetary compensation. The 11th-place team receives $1,500 in prize money. Following that, each team that is eliminated receives a monetary boost.

When was The Amazing Race Season 17 filmed?

The Amazing Race 17 is the seventeenth installment of the American reality television show The Amazing Race. This season featured eleven teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world….

The Amazing Race 17
Filming dates May 26 – June 15, 2010
Season chronology
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How old is the couple that won The Amazing Race?

Penn is 47, while Kim is 45, adding together 92 making them the oldest couple among the all winners of the previous season of American Race. Despite Raquel and Cayla being there first, the older duo used their brain efficiently.