What happened with Down With Webster?

What happened with Down With Webster?

On June 2, 2017, having gone a few years without releasing new music, the band announced they were taking a break. But former Webster members Cameron Hunter, Patrick Gillett, Tyler Armes, and Andrew Martino recently announced the start of a new project: Honors.

When did Down With Webster come out?

Down with Webster was originally formed for a middle school talent show. The band released their first official EP, Time to Win, Vol. 1, on October 6, 2009….

Down with Webster
Genres Pop rock rap rock hip hop
Years active 1998–2015 2020–Present
Labels Universal Motown / Universal Music
Website downwithwebster.com

What genre is Down With Webster?

PopDown With Webster / Genre

Who is the lead singer of Down With Webster?

Pat Gillett
Formed by friends entering a talent contest while still at middle school (which they won), Down With Webster is comprised of MCs Bucky and Cam Hunter, lead singer and guitarist Pat Gillett, bassist/keyboardist Tyler Armes, drummer Andrew “Marty” Martino and Diggy the DJ.

Who is down with Webster?

Down with Webster is a Canadian rap rock band from The Beaches area of Toronto who signed with Universal Motown in April 2009. Down with Webster was originally formed for a middle school talent show.

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Where did down with Webster rank on the 2010 year end charts?

Down with Webster was featured on 2010 Year End Charts several times. Both “Your Man” and “Whoa Is Me” were on the 2010 Canadian Hot 100 Year End Chart, “Your Man” at No. 37 and “Whoa Is Me” at No. 85. Down with Webster was at No. 21 on the Canadian Hot 100 Artists Chart, surpassing both Justin Bieber and Drake.