What happens after Hamlet kills Polonius?

What happens after Hamlet kills Polonius?

Polonius connives with Claudius to spy on Hamlet. Hamlet unknowingly kills Polonius, provoking Ophelia’s descent into madness, ultimately resulting in her (probable) suicide and the climax of the play: a duel between Laertes and Hamlet.

Does Hamlet regret killing Polonius?

Does Hamlet show remorse for killing Polonius? How can you explain Hamlet’s reaction? No. He believes it is his destiny to right the wrongs in Denmark.

Why does Polonius not like Hamlet?

Polonius’ comments to Ophelia such as “springes to catch woodcocks” suggest that he thinks Hamlet is more interested in seducing Ophelia than marrying her. Future king or not, Polonius distrusts and dislikes Hamlet, and Hamlet feels the same way toward him.

What does Polonius represent in Hamlet?

Polonius is King Claudius’s advisor and Ophelia and Laertes’s father. He is concerned with appearances, especially the reputations of his children. His fatherly advice is well-intentioned but also generic and hypocritical, filled with clichéd aphorisms and self-serving recommendations.

How does Polonius deceive Hamlet?

The present death of Hamlet. 3) Again Polonius deceives Hamlet when he hides behind the arras to spy on Hamlet’s conversation with his mother (3.3. 28). This time, however, Polonius pays for his deceit with his life, as Hamlet pierces him through the curtain, believing he is Claudius.

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Why are Hamlet and Polonius foils?

Polonius and Hamlet are foils because they both act quickly and irrationally, but with different results. Hamlet often speaks his thoughts aloud, while Polonius just ends up rambling and confusing people.

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Did Hamlet know he was going to die?

In act V, scene ii, does Hamlet realize that he might not come out of this fight alive? Hamlet has to have a sense of the outcome of this conflict. He must realize that his death is a real possibility, if not a probability. When Hamlet apologizes to Laertes, he is simply repenting for his wrongdoings before he dies.