What happens is episode 673 in One Piece?

What happens is episode 673 in One Piece?

When Soldier attempts to get away, Gladius catches and prepares to blow him up, but Soldier is rescued by Luffy. Luffy, Viola, and Soldier run away and make it to the Suit Chamber, watching Doflamingo demand information from Law.

What was Luffy’s hidden message?

Zoro figures out that Luffy’s message on his right arm means the Straw Hats will not meet after three days but two years. That is why the title is 3D2Y with 3D crossed out. Mihawk agrees to train Zoro. Haki is further explained and it is revealed to have three types: Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku, and Haoshoku.

What happens is episode 676 in One Piece?

Franky lies defeated by the Doflamingo family and is calling for Usopp in his head to save the day. Down at the hidden harbor, all the toys are silently rooting for Usopp to succeed but he is shown to be unconscious. As a final farewell, Sugar puts the Tatababasco ball in Usopp’s mouth and makes him swallow it.

Why does Camie call Luffy chin?

Camie has a habit of referring to humans in a unique way. Instead of simply saying human and humans, she says human person and human people respectively. She also tends to address others with the suffix “Chin” added to their names in a similar fashion as how “San” and “Chan” are used in Japanese to address others.

Who is the toy soldier in one piece?

Kyros is a legendary gladiator, who fought at the Corrida Colosseum until 20 years ago. A great bronze statue of him is held at the Corrida Colosseum. When he was turned into a toy, everyone forgot his existence.

Why did Luffy ring 16 times?

Luffy infiltrated Marineford to ring the Ox Bell. He rang it the traditional sixteen times. Lieutenant Commander Brannew of the Marines analyzed it as a declaration of war, and Killer of the Kid Pirates interpreted the meaning of it as the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Are Monet and sugar sisters?

Sugar and Monet are sisters whom Doflamingo saved from a terrible environment when Sugar was 9 years old and Monet was 17 years old. Sugar and Monet were never shown interacting with each other, and it is unknown if Sugar has heard about Monet’s death.

What episode does sugar get knocked out?

Episode 697 | One Piece Wiki | Fandom.

Is Kokoro a mermaid?

Kokoro is an icefish mermaid and the stationmaster for Shift Station, a Sea Train station near Water 7.