What is a 303 British equivalent?

What is a 303 British equivalent?

The .303 British (designated as the 303 British by the C.I.P. and SAAMI) or 7.7×56mmR, is a .303-inch (7.7 mm) calibre rimmed rifle cartridge. The .303 inch bore diameter is measured between rifling lands as is the common practice in Europe which follows the traditional black powder convention.

How powerful is a 303 British?

A deadly weapon 303 or 7.7×56 mm rimmed rifle cartridge that was deadly with a sure-shot kill range of at least 500 m.

What game can you hunt with 303?

A too high recoil would be their only limit. Hunters from the previous generation reported that a 303 British is all what you need, for moose hunting, up to distance of say 250 yards.

Can you hunt moose with a 303?

Is 303 Savage the same as 303 British?

The . 303 Savage and the . 303 British cartridge are not interchangeable with each other. Neither the bullet diameter nor the cartridge dimensions are compatible.

What is the most powerful 30 caliber cartridge?

.30-378 Weatherby Magnum
The . 30-378 Weatherby Magnum is a long range cartridge. It is the most powerful – in terms of energy – . 30 caliber production cartridge available.

Is a 303 British Good for moose?

Hunters from the previous generation reported that a 303 British is all what you need, for moose hunting, up to distance of say 250 yards.

What is the difference between 303 British and 303 Savage?

Check your rifle again…a 303 British and a 303 savage are NOT the same Calibre. The 303 Savage uses a . 308 bullet, and the 303 British uses a . 313 bullet.

Are 303 British Good for deer?

303’s terminal ballistics are impressive on medium game, its generally heavier weight and slower velocities compared to other ‘deer’ rounds offer good penetration and excellent stopping power without much in the way of the meat damage you might see with a lighter, faster round.

Is a 303 British a good hunting rifle?

The.303 British cartridge is suitable for all medium-sized game and is an excellent choice for whitetail deer and black bear hunting. In Canada it was a popular moose and deer cartridge when military surplus rifles were available and cheap; it is still used.

What is the value of a 303 British rifle?

Gun #: 914380403. Seller: Accurate Sports. Accurate Sports. $799.00. Full Details. 10 Image (s) British Enfield (.303 cal) Sold by Golden State Arms marked as a 1941 Supreme. Island style iron sights front & rear cheekpiece and hard rubber butt plate.

Is a 30-06 the same as a 30 caliber?

The Army was looking for a newer and lighter round, and the.30-06 was the result of those development efforts. It’s a.30-caliber bullet and the 06 part of the name comes from the year it was developed, 1906. The.30-06 saw action in both World Wars. The first use of it in combat was in the Springfield M1903 service rifle during World War I.

What is the value of a 303 British?

The value is directly linked with style and condition. The value for a run of the mill. 303 may bring upwards of $125. The Number 4 sniper versions in good to mint condition may range $450 to $600. As always, if any repairs have been made by a non-professional, this may adversely affect the value. +1 vote!