What is a Army SSA?

What is a Army SSA?

One of the focal points in Army logistics is the Supply Support Activity (SSA), which is essential and serves as the linkage between wholesale and end user.

What are the sections of the Army SSA?

The SSA is broken down into four sections: receiving, issue, shipping and stock control. Items enter the SSA through the receiving section, where they are verified using the accompanied paperwork that gives the item name, unit of issue and quantity and then processed using the Standard Army Retail Supply System.

What is a supply support activity?

A Supply Support Activity (SSA), formerly known as a Direct Support Unit (DSU) warehouse or Class IX warehouse, is the retail level warehouse where customer units receive their repair parts. To put it in simple terms, the SSA is like the Auto Zone or Pep Boys of the Army.

What is a BSA Army?

Brigade support battalions (BSBs) and regimental support squadrons at the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, California, face the challenge of establishing a brigade support area (BSA) that is able to sustain a brigade combat team’s (BCT’s) tactical operations.

What is 92A in Army?

MOS Description. The automated logistical specialist supervises and performs management or stock record/warehouse functions pertaining to receipt, storage, distribution, and issue and maintains equipment records and parts. For more information on MOS 92A , see this Army website.

What are the 10 classes of supply Army?

Army Classes of Supply: Cheat Sheet

  • Class I – Food, Rations, and Water.
  • Class II – Clothing.
  • Class III – Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants.
  • Class IV – Fortification and Barrier Materials.
  • Class V – Ammunition.
  • Class VI – Personal Items.
  • Class VII – Major End Items.
  • Class VIII – Medical Supplies, Minimal Amounts.

What are the support activities?

Supporting activities are those actions taken by a nonprofit organization other than program services. Supporting activities typically include fundraising activities, management and general activities, and membership development activities.

What is an Army DSA?

The Defence Safety Authority (DSA) is an agency of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence which regulates safety and investigates accidents in the UK’s Armed Forces. Defence Safety Authority. Agency overview.

What is Flot in military?

A line that indicates the most forward positions of friendly forces in any kind of military operation at a specific time. The forward line of own troops (FLOT) normally identifies the forward location of covering and screening forces. The FLOT may be at, beyond, or short of the forward edge of the battle area.

What is 42a in the Army?

A Human Resources Specialist (HR specialist) primarily helps Soldiers develop their Army careers, which includes providing promotion and future training information, and also includes personnel support and assistance with regards to transfers, travel orders, and salary details to all divisions of the Army.

What is 92g in the Army?

The food service specialist is primarily responsible for the preparation and service of food in field or garrison food service operations. Job training for a food service specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instructions.

What class is food in the Army?

Class I – Food, Rations, and Water.