What is a Dok Level 3 question?

What is a Dok Level 3 question?

Level 3 tasks typically require reasoning, complexity, developing a plan or sequence of steps, and have more than one possible response or solution. Extended thinking. DOK Level 4 requires complex reasoning and time to research, plan, and problem solve, and think. Tasks involve investigation or.

What are Dok question stems?

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) is a scale used to determine the amount of thinking required for a given question or task. Aligning your questions to different DOK levels facilitates higher-order thinking and deeper learning for your students.

What are Dok level questions?

DOK questions refer to the level of thinking a certain question requires to formulate an answer. Generally, these levels are: DOK 1: “Level 1 (Recall) includes the recall of information such as a fact, definition, term, or a simple procedure, as well as performing a simple algorithm or applying a formula.”

What are some Level 4 questions?

Level 4. Critical Analysis/Evaluation/Opinion Questions

  • Good/bad? Why?
  • Correct or incorrect? Why?
  • Effective or ineffective? Why?
  • Relevant or irrelevant? Why?
  • Logical or illogical? Why?
  • Applicable or not applicable? Why?
  • Proven or not proven? Why?
  • Ethical or unethical? Why?

What Dok level is determine?

The DOK level should reflect the complexity of cognitive processes demanded by the learning or assessment objective and task, rather than its difficulty. Ultimately, the DOK level describes the depth of understanding required by a task, not whether or not the task is considered “difficult.”

How do you write a STEM question?

Question Stem Avoid vaguely worded questions that imply different meaning than what was indicated in the text. Since questions can be used to remind the user of important points in the material, consider stating an important point in one sentence followed up with a question in the second sentence.

What is a question STEM in canvas?

“A question stem is the part of the survey question that presents the issue about which the question is asking.

What is depth of knowledge 3?

The third Depth of Knowledge level is defined as strategic thinking. Students must face problems and scenarios that are more abstract than those in the previous level. Often, there may be different correct steps and answers. For example, writing an essay based on a defined topic can lead students in unique directions.

What are Level 2 and 3 questions?

Inferential questions (level two) can be answered through analysis and interpretation of specific parts of the text. Universal questions (level three) are open-ended questions that are raised by ideas in the text. They are intended to provoke a discussion of an abstract idea or issue.

What is depth of knowledge level 2?

Definitions of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Level 2 (Skill/Concept) requires the engagement of some mental processing beyond a habitual response.