What is a double cork 1260?

What is a double cork 1260?

But one move has become synonymous with the American superstar: the Double McTwist 1260. The move combines three-and-a-half twists and two flips in one piece of air all with a snowboard strapped to his feet, and he first competed it at the Olympic Winter Games during his victory lap at Vancouver 2010.

Has a triple cork ever been done?

As for White, the triple cork is the one trick that’s eluded him his entire career. He attempted it while training for the 2014 Winter Olympics, but it ended in disaster. White soared high above the pipe before smashing backwards into the pipe’s lip and falling down the wall.

What is a double cork?

Cork: An off-axis rotation. If a riders inverts twice, the trick becomes a double cork.

Who did the first double cork on a snowboard?

A Double-Cork refers to a rotation in which a snowboarder inverts or orients themselves sideways at two distinct times during an aerial rotation. David Benedek is the originator of the Double-Cork in the Half-pipe, but the Double-Cork is also a very common trick in Big-Air competitions.

What is a double cork 1620?

IN the Big Air event of women’s freestyle skiing at the Winter Olympics, there were two sets of outrageous rotating leaps on skiis – called “double cork 1620” – playing out against a star-struck blue Beijing sky. Together, they amounted to one giant leap for womankind.

What is the hardest snowboard trick?

The “triple cork,” as it is called, is a move so difficult that it once landed White in the hospital.

Why is it called double cork?

A corked spin is simply an off-axis spin. So a double cork is two off-axis rotations. In order to accomplish this in the halfpipe, the rider must get inverted (think: sideways backflip), and most riders are throwing variations of double cork 1080s.

Has anyone ever done an 1800 snowboard?

Marcus Kleveland lands a quad cork 1800 in Men’s Snowboard Big Air, the first quad cork in competition history, Friday night at X Games Aspen 2017.

What’s a 900 in snowboarding?

900 Air: An aerial manoeuvre in which the snowboarder rotates 900 degrees — two-and-a-half spins. Air to Fakie: Any trick in the halfpipe in which a rider approaches the wall riding forward, no rotation is made, and the rider lands backwards.