What is a gang called in The Outsiders?

What is a gang called in The Outsiders?

the Greasers
The Outsiders is a novel about a boy named Ponyboy and his experiences with gang violence. Ponyboy belongs to a poor gang called the Greasers, who are in a fiercely violent rivalry with a wealthy gang called the Socs.

Are The Outsiders in a gang?

by S.E. Hinton Ponyboy is a member of the Greasers, a gang made up “outsiders,” kids from the poorer east side of town. Their rival gang, the Socs (short for “Socials”) are wealthy students from the west side.

What is gang violence in The Outsiders?

In the book The Outsiders there is a lot of gang violence including street fights, robberies, and ganging up on one of the the opposing gang members. S.E. Hinton describes the Socs as the wealthier people that live in the better parts of town and the Greasers as the poor trashy part of town.

What are Greasers outsiders?

The Greasers are a alignment of gangs of the poor and lower-middle class teens and young adults in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They serve as the main protagonists of The Outsiders.

Are the SOCS a gang?

Some of the Socs like to beat up younger Greasers, like Johnny and Ponyboy. Like The Greasers, the gang is not a set and named gang with meetings, it is just a group of people who like to hang out. Also, the socs also have many smaller groups inside them like Gregg Parker’s gang and Bob’s gang.

What do greasers stand for?

The greasers of the 1950’s took their name from the “Greaser Act,” which was a law created in California against Mexicans to protect Californians from Mexicans who were unarmed, but not peaceful or quiet people. The name “Greaser” was given to the Mexicans that greased carts in the mid-1800’s.

What were greasers known for?

Greasers were a youth subculture that originated in the 1950’s among teenagers in northeastern and southern United States. The two main figures of the look were Marlon Brando and James Dean. In the northeast and southern states, the Greasers were one of the first types of street gangs.

Who is the most isolated character in The Outsiders?

Johnny is most isolated by his relationship with his parents. Their abuse and neglect makes him feel completely worthless. Dallas, an extremely isolated character, suggests that jail helped make him “hard” and that this hardness, while isolating, protects him.

What does Ponyboy say about violence?

In the beginning of the book Ponyboy thinks that violence is the solution to the Socs, but later through Johnny stabbing Bob, and finally making amends with Darry, Ponyboy figures out that you can’t solve social conflict with violence. This theme was relevant to the real world in Hinton’s time and still is today.

Who is the leader of the SOCS?

Robert “Bob” Sheldon: Considered the leader of the Socs.

Who are the Socias?

The Socs (pronounced ˈsoʊʃɪz / so-shis, short form of Socials) are a group of rich teenagers who live on the west side, or the south side in the movie. They are the rivals to the Greasers, and were described as having ‘money, cars, and futures’, according to Ponyboy Curtis.