What is a mid project review?

What is a mid project review?

A formal project reviews occurs at the end of the Fall semester. This is a major presentation, typically done on-site at the company. Treat this as a serious events and a chance to show off what you have done.

What is an EPQ planning review?

PLANNING REVIEW This is where you identify and map out your next steps after your project proposal is approved. You will need to create a detailed project plan containing tasks to be completed and deadline dates for each of the tasks.

How do you do an EPQ presentation?

There are six central pieces of content that you should include in your presentation, which include the following:

  1. What your EPQ topic was about.
  2. The reasons behind your topic.
  3. Your aims and objectives.
  4. Research covered.
  5. What lessons you’ve learned.
  6. How it will impact your future.

Do you need a Gantt chart for EPQ?

You will need to provide evidence of project planning in your production log. You should plan your project at the start using a method that you feel comfortable with, this might be a Gantt chart or a planning diary. You will adapt and monitor your planning as you progress through your project.

Are EPQS worth it?

An EPQ can be worth anywhere up to 28 UCAS points, so half an A-Level. This will not only show your ability to take on high workloads, but also your initiative and ability to work independently. Both universities and employers look for these qualities, so taking an EPQ is a good idea.

What questions do they ask in EPQ presentation?

– Explain what your project shows in twenty seconds. – To what extent did you undertake research to support your project? – Has your report/project helped you to develop key skills for university/working life? – How did measure the progress that you were making throughout your EPQ?

How much is the EPQ presentation worth?

The presentation is part of the EPQ and counts towards the “Review” section of the project which is worth 20% of the overall grade.

How much is the EPQ essay worth?

EPQs are currently graded A* to E and they are worth up to half an A level, as well as UCAS points. An A* in the EPQ is worth 70 UCAS points, an A 60, B 50, C 40, D 30 and an E 20.