What is a Nok head?

What is a Nok head?

Nok head fragments were once part of entire bodies and are the most renowned objects within the corpus known to date. These objects are so highly varied that it is likely they were modeled individually rather than cast from molds.

Who discovered the Nok culture?

Colonel Dent Young
Discovery. The first Nok terracotta was discovered in 1928 by Colonel Dent Young, a co-owner of a mining partnership, near the village of Nok in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The terracotta was accidentally unearthed at a level of 24 feet (7 m) from an alluvial tin mine.

Who were the Nok and why are they significant?

Famous for the distinctive terracotta sculptures of human heads and figures, Nok was the first known culture in West Africa to produce such art and perhaps the first sub-Saharan culture to perfect iron-smelting technology.

What language did the Nok speak?

The area covered by the Nok civilisation, over 2500 years ago, currently includes language groups such as Hausa, Jukun, Berom, Afizere, Amo, Anaguta, Aten, Bogghom, Buji, Jipal, Chip, Irchip, Fier, Gashish, Goemai, Irigwe, Jarawa, Kofyar, Montol, Mushere, Mupun, Mwaghavul, Ngas, Piapung, Pyem, Ron-Kulere, Bache, Talet.

What does Nok stand for?

NOK means “No One Knows.”

What was the major occupation of the Nok people?

It existed in modern-day Nigeria from around 500 B.C.E. to 200 C.E. The Nok farmed crops and used iron tools. Historians and archaeologists refer to this culture as the Nok culture because artifacts were first discovered near the modern Nigerian town of Nok.

What is Nok in Africa?

Nok refers to the culture associated with a one hundred square kilometer area in central Nigeria where thousands of terracotta figures were found. These figures were first encountered in tin mines by Colonel J. Dent Young in 1928 and were classified as Nok by Bernard Fagg in 1943.

Are the Nok Hausa?

What did the Nok people develop around 500 BC?

What does NOK mean in business?

NOK. Not Okay (quality management)

What is NOK in army?

The NOK, that is the wife in case of married and mother in case of unmarried soldier, are the first level of NOK. 4. Besides the NOK of soldiers who die during service, it is envisaged that NOK of retired soldiers, living as well as expired, also need a similar support.

When did the Nok culture disappeared?

#1: An Iron Age civilization Nok art occupies a prominent place in Nigeria’s art because of its history which dates back to the 2nd-5th centuries of the iron age. It was a product of a culture that appeared in Northern Nigeria around 1500 BC and disappeared under unknown circumstances around 500 AD.