What is Alexis Bittar doing now?

What is Alexis Bittar doing now?

2021: Alexis Bittar relaunches his namesake brand as a lifestyle brand with expanded product categories including accessories and home décor. In the fall, 5 boutiques in New York City and 1 in San Francisco open, designed by Tony award winning scenic designer Scott Pask.

What nationality is Alexis Bittar?

Bittar tell it, he went through it. He was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to a Syrian-Christian father and an Irish-Catholic mother, computer-science professors who traded antiques and designed dresses to supplement their income.

Who bought Alexis Bittar?

Brooks Brothers Group
No details were given about the transaction except that Brooks Brothers Group acquired Alexis Bittar through Carolee LLC, from the founding designer Alexis Bittar and TSG Consumer Partners LLC, which has owned 50% of the brand since 2012. Carolee’s current president Jill Maier will oversee this new group brand.

How much did Alexis Bittar sell his company for?

The experience was a wake-up call that showed Bittar how quickly things can go wrong. In 2012, he sold 50 percent of the business for $24 million to private equity company TSG Consumer Partners. It was an uneasy relationship, Bittar said.

When was Lucite first used in jewelry?

First manufactured in the 1930s as a protective coating or safety bonding for glass, the clear acrylic plastic branded as Lucite became a wildly popular material for costume jewelry in the 1940s and ’50s.

Is Lucite jewelry worth anything?

It’s typically affordable and not of high value, although the material is highly versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Some jewelers would facet Lucite to imitate the look of gemstones and diamonds.

Did Carolee jewelry go out of business?

Recent Articles by WWD Staff NEW YORK — Carolee Friedlander, founder of Carolee Designs and a very visible jewelry designer who often worked the selling floors of department stores across the country, is calling it quits after 30 years in business.

Is vintage Lucite jewelry worth anything?

How can you tell vintage Lucite?

Early Plastics : Identifying Lucite

  1. Lucite was a popular early form of plastic that is still used today.
  2. Identifying antique plastic:
  3. Lucite has a slick feel and is fairly light in weight.
  4. If you put it under hot water, rub it vigorously or poke a hot pin into it it will have no smell.

What is the difference between Bakelite and Lucite?

Bakelite should be stored carefully, although it is not as fragile as Celluloid. Lucite, an acrylic resin, was first marketed by DuPont in 1937, and it began to appear in costume jewelry around 1940. As with Bakelite, Lucite is a thermoset plastic, but it was much cheaper to produce.

How do you identify Lucite?

Identifying antique plastic: Lucite has a slick feel and is fairly light in weight. It is lighter than catalin. If you put it under hot water, rub it vigorously or poke a hot pin into it it will have no smell.

What happened Carolee jewelry?

NEW YORK — In a surprise maneuver, Carolee Designs Inc., one of America’s premier jewelry and accessory brands, has been sold to retail Brand Alliance Group, a new company formerly called Casual Corner Group.