What is ambulance called in French?

What is ambulance called in French?

How to say ambulance in French

ambry ambrotype
ambrosially ambrosial
ambulance car ambulance driver
ambulance man ambulance service
ambulant ambulate

What is cathode in French?

cathode-ray adj— cathodique adj.

What is a eux?

pronoun. them [pronoun] used instead of him, him or her etc where a person of unknown sex or people of both sexes are referred to.

What is bingo called in France?

(= there you are!) eurêka !

How do you spell Police in French?

We called the police. Nous avons appelé la police.

Is ambulance masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of ambulance is feminine. E.g. une ambulance.

How do you use eux in French?

Eux is used whenever the group is masculine or mixed. Only use elles when all members of the group are female. NOTE: With eux and elles, technically you should say Ce sont… for it is but you will hear people use c’est.

How do you pronounce eux?


  1. IPA: /ø/
  2. Audio (France) 0:01. (file)
  3. Homophones: euh, œufs.

How do you say bingo in Italian?

bingo {interj.} tombola!

Is police feminine in French?

Elle est policière. She’s a police officer. ⧫ She’s a policewoman.

What is the meaning of Polizei?

German word for police
Polizei is the German word for police.

How do you say ambulance in different languages?

In other languages ambulance

  1. American English: ambulance /ˈæmbyələns/
  2. Arabic: سَيَّارَةُ إِسْعاف
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: ambulância.
  4. Chinese: 救护车
  5. Croatian: kola hitne pomoći.
  6. Czech: sanitka.
  7. Danish: ambulance.
  8. Dutch: ambulance.