What is an adgie?

What is an adgie?

The mustering’s members, commonly known as “Adgies”, are mostly employed in security forces (SECFOR) squadrons. The role of SECFOR squadrons is the protection of RAAF equipment, personnel, assets and facilities.

Why are Australian troops called Diggers?

Many Australian and New Zealand soldiers in the Second Boer War, 1899–1902, were former miners, and at the Battle of Elands River (1900), the Australian defenders earned a reputation as diggers, who hastily constructed dugout defences in the hard ground.

What are Australian soldiers called?

Australian soldiers in a trench at Lone Pine, during the Gallipoli Campaign, 1915. Digger is an Australian and New Zealand military slang term for soldiers from Australia and New Zealand. It originated during World War I.

What is an army jerk?

A.J. (A Jay) – Army Jerk. A derogatory term often used by civilians, RAAF and Navy personnel in reference to soldiers in townships with large concentrations of soldiers (particularly Darwin and Townsville).

What is a Choco in the ADF?

A member of the Australian Army Reserve past or present; called ‘Choco’ for short. Usually a derogatory term. Also used derisively to refer to ‘soft’ soldiers in the Israeli Army.

What were Australian soldiers called in ww2?

Australian Military Forces (AMF)
In 1942 the Army adopted the title Australian Military Forces (AMF) to encompass the various categories of service: AIF, Militia and Permanent Forces.

Who is Australia’s best sniper?

Billy Sing
AN Anzac light horseman from Queensland, Billy Sing, may hold the world record as the most lethal military sharpshooter, from World War I, writes author John Hamilton. Australian snipers in the trenches at Gallipoli.

Why is the Australian Army not royal?

Why do we have a Royal Navy and Royal Air Force but not a Royal Army? THE REASON for the British Army not having the prefix ‘Royal’ is because only certain regiments and corps are called ‘Royal’. The prefix Royal before the title of a unit is considered an award in much the same way as a battle honour.

What does AJ mean in army?

Army Jerk
Contributor’s comments: AJ is a derogatory term used almost exclusively in Townsville an it means Army Jerk – I am an ex-soldier and the use of AJ was and still is common. Contributor’s comments: AJ – “Army Jerk” was used in singular and plural to describe soldiers.